Tuesday, April 26, 2011


This past weekend we celebrated Stephanie's second Easter. What a difference from last year, when she was just 2.5 months old. I remember being so frazzled on Easter morning, trying to exchange Easter baskets with Dan and get ready to leave the house for dinner while simultaneously caring for an infant. It was the first time I had really left the house with the baby for something of importance, and the task just seemed so daunting.
This year, I was up an hour before everyone else, and relished "hiding" cheerio and M&M filled plastic eggs around our living room. When Stephanie woke, she ran into the living room and delighted in finding the eggs. She would run around and pick them up while we encouraged her to put them in her little bucket. She had been playing with the eggs during the weeks leading up to Easter, but these rattled, and that intrigued her. She finally managed to open one, and started to eagerly munch on the cheerios. Then she came across an M&M and was in her glory. From that point on, every time she opened an egg, she would feverishly dig the M&Ms out from the pile of cheerios. She also enjoyed looking through her Easter basket and playing with the little toys the Easter Bunny left her.
Dan went out and bought us Dunkin Donuts for breakfast (bagels for he and I, munchkins for Stephanie), and after that we put her down for an early nap. When she woke, I dressed her in the most adorable purple and green flowered dress with matching sweater. We then left for my sister's house, where Easter dinner was being served. We were surrounded by family, and had a wonderful time. Jen had organzied an egg hunt for Stephanie and Marie-Therese, and it was adorable to watch them hunt eggs. By 7:00 though, I was exhausted. I think the combination of holiday excitement, chasing a toddler, and being pregnant really got to me. But it was one of those happy exhausted feelings, and I went to bed that night content and satisfied that we had a wonderful, family-filled holiday to celebrated the miracle of the risen Jesus Christ.

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