Monday, June 11, 2012

BabyGanics Sunscreen Review & Giveaway!

It seems that the warm, sunny days of summer are finally upon us. For those of us with young children, this time of year means a lot of fun in the sun, with trips to the beach, the playground, the pool, and plenty of other outside activites. All of this fun also means it's the season of something else: sunscreen. Any parent or caregiver who has had to apply sunscreen to a wiggly, crying, hyper, eager-to-get-outside child knows what an ordeal it can be.

Many children's sunscreens are thick, goopy, and difficult to blend. There are aerosol sprays which can make application easier, but they're bad for both children's lungs and the environment. It's also extremely challenging these days to find sunscreen that isn't loaded with chemicals.

Ever since Stephanie was an infant in summer 2010 I've been on the search for a paraben-free sunscreen that didn't leave her skin completely white. I finally discovered BabyGanics CoverUp Baby sunscreen lotion. I loved it, and used it almost every day for her first two summers. The only problem with the lotion was that it was a tad thick, and although it was easy to blend, it took a few extra minutes to squeeze it out and spread it on her skin.

Then I was lucky enough to discover that BabyGanics came out with a new product this year. The BabyGanices Cover-Up Baby Face and Body Sunscreen Spray is amazing. It's a moisturizing sunscreen with an SPF 50 that's fragrance-free and comes in a convenient, non-aerosol spray bottle which makes application so much easier. It's mineral based, and water resistant up to 80 minutes. I especially love that it's free of parabens, phthlates, sulfates, nono-particles, and retinyl plamitate. (All that icky stuff that's found in many other sunscreens for children.)

This stuff just glides onto my little ones skin and has no awful scent or sticky residue that gets left behind. It has cut the time it takes me to get the kids ready to play outside in half. The best part? My kids have never had a sunburn, so not only is this product safe and natural, but it works! I love it, and recommend it for all moms. After all, little ones have super delicate skin, and it's important to keep it safe and protected during the hot summer months!

You can find BabyGanices Cover-Up Baby Face and Body Sunscreen Spray at BabiesRUs, Bed Bath and Beyond, Buy-Buy Baby, and If you're looking for an easy to apply, safe and natural sunscreen then BabyGanics Cover-Up Baby Face and Body Sunscreen Spray is the perfect choice.

I'm also delighted to say that one of my lucky readers can win a bottle of this amazing sunscreen! Enter the rafflecopter below, and in one week I will choose a winner. It's great for parents, caregivers, and grandparents too. (Keep it on hand for those summer visits from the grandkids!)

*I was provided product for this review. All opinions are my own.

*Some of you are new to rafflecopter. You can enter up to 10 times, just sign in with your email or facebook and click the enter buttons to do each of the tasks (you can do as little as 1 entry, which will give you one chance to win. But the more entries you do, the greater your chance to win!)

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  1. I bought this stuff at Babies R Us a few weeks ago. It's awesome!

  2. I love being at the beach in the summer and am always looking for a good sunscreen!

  3. we love spending time down at my husband's family's lake house in charlestown- which is a lot of boating, swimming and being OUTSIDE all day. i am also a freak about non-toxic sunscreens for the baby!

  4. We love to go to Block Island for the beach or to Arcadia to go "frogging" with the kids :)

  5. I just love being outside during the summer - whether it's at the beach, by the pool or just in my backyard! I love that you've found this paraben free, phthlate free, sulfate free sunscreen. Have you tried it on yourself?

  6. We like going to the pool.


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