Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The missing sunglasses. Or, How I Have Been Afflicted By Pregnancy Brain.

I hate, HATE to lose things. When I think something is missing, I turn the house upside down trying to find it. It causes me anxiety when I can't find something, and I obsess over it. Yesterday the object of my obsession was Stephanie's new, pink sunglasses. She wore them on Saturday, when we were at a birthday party, and I know we didn't leave them there because she had them on her head when we got in the car. But yesterday I could not find the darn things anywhere. (Bear in mind, it was pouring rain yesterday, so it's not like we actually neeeded the sunglasses. But I knew I couldn't find them, and it was driving me crazy!)

I looked all over our apartment, and no sunglasses. I emptied the diaper bag twice, but still no sunglasses. Then I went out to the car, and searched it high and low. Nothing. I finally realized I needed to focus on something else, so I spent some time in the kitchen, washing dishes.

When I walked out of the kitchen, into the dining room, I look down and there are the sunglasses, just sitting in the middle of the floor. I literally stopped in my tracks and stared at them for a minute. I know for an absolute fact that those sunglasses were not there 10 minutes earlier. The only other person in the apartment with me was Stephanie, so I called her over, pointed to the sunglasses and asked her where she found them. She picked them up, and put them in the side pocket of her diaper bag. Did I seriously not look there? I know I emptied that entire diaper bag, twice. Had I not thought to look in the side pockets? Could I really have done that? I don't know, but honestly, I wouldn't put it past myself. Apparently, pregnancy brain has really kicked in.

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