Friday, May 13, 2011

Something Blue


We had our 18 week anatomical ultrasound yesterday, and it revealed that Stephanie is going to have a little brother. We are thrilled to embark on this new adventure, and excited to experience the differences and spot the similarities in raising both a daughter and a son. It's funny though, we found out in the morning that he (Joseph) is a boy, and in the evening my mom brought over some gifts for him. As I held the blue jammies, bibs, burpcloths and onesies, I was momentarily confused. Blue? What is this? I'm used to pinks and purples, flowers and butterflies. I think it hadn't hit me until that moment that I was really and truly growing a little boy. Of course, today I went shopping with my best friend and my sister, and had no problem picking out adorable baby boy clothes.

I know that having a little boy in the house will be different, but I also know that we have so much love for little Joseph already. I absolutely adore watching Dan play with Stephanie, and she is absolutely, 100% a Daddy's girl. I now can't wait to watch him play and interact with his son, and to witness him having an opportunity to relive his "little boy" childhood. I know how much fun it is for me to relive a "little girl" childhood, and now it's his turn!

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