Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blizzard 2013

When this winter began, I wished for a lot of snow. I guess I should have been specific...I wanted a lot of little snow storms, not one huge blizzard! But a blizzard is what we got, and i'm just thankful now that we still have electricity. So many friends are without tonight, and temperatures are dropping steadily. Many are stuck in their homes as they wait for plows to come through and clear the roads so they can seek shelter and warmth. My thoughts go out to all who are without power tonight!

As an adult I tend to think of storms in terms of the impact they will have. Meaning, what damages they will cause. My kids on the other hand just think it's fun and exciting! Stephanie has been begging for snow all winter, so she was thrilled yesterday morning when it started coming down and quickly became heavy.

Dan had to work all day yesterday so the kids and I made snow crafts (gluing cotton balls onto blue paper to make a snow storm), smelling the chili that was bubbling in the crock pot, eating snacks and watching the snow come down.

Our power flickered off and on about 10 times throughout the evening as the blizzard arrived full force, dumping wet heavy snow and causing loud, angry wind gusts. Luckily it never went out for good, and I woke up to two very excited children who were eager to get out and play.

When we finally ventured outside, the kids had a blast playing in snow that was over their heads in some places.

When they came back inside, their cheeks were bright red and they were full of enthusiastic giggles as they watched their Daddy attempt to shovel out our car. Eventually they settled down and snuggled up on the couch to get warm.

We spent the rest of the day looking at the huge amount of snow out our windows, hoping our friends and family would get their power back, and trying to keep ourselves occupied. (Two days of not leaving the house can make for some boredom for all of us.)

Tonight we will go to bed with much quieter winds outside, and no threat of losing electricity. (We hope!) Our family is sending all of our good thoughts to those who have been negatively affected by this storm! I hope you all stay safe and warm tonight.


  1. Looks like you had fun, too! We've enjoyed the snow storm and yummy comfort food. I suspect my kids will be back outside throwing snowballs again tomorrow.

    You can see our chili and snow play at

  2. We were not fans of the storm!! Even B isn't a fan. I asked him on Saturday morning if he liked the snow and he shook his head no! Smart kid. ;) I'm soaking up his dislike of the snow for another winter. Trying to put off playing out in the snow with him as long as I can!! ;) hehe.


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