Friday, September 16, 2011

37 Weeks Tomorrow!

Holy Cow, I will be 37 weeks pregnant tomorrow. That's officially full-term, meaning that if he chooses to come early, he should be completely healthy. Yay! That's always such an exciting milestone to reach.

I've been feeling very...weird lately. Extra crampy and tons of Braxton Hicks contractions, coupled with pressure and other pre-labor symptoms that I won't write about because they're kinda gross.

I went to the Dr yesterday, and she confirmed that he is indeed head down. YAY! No breech baby for me. I'm completely relieved because, since my first baby was not a c-section, I really didn't want this one to be. (Of course, I would have done it if it was best for baby...but i'm glad that's not an issue.)

I have no dilation yet, but my cervix is softening. (Ok, that's one of those things i'm not sure whether I should blog about. Is that TMI and gross to read about? Sorry if it is.) But, at least these painful contractions are doing SOMETHING. And they are ultimately preparing my body for delivery, so I try to remember that when they start to irritate and annoy me.

We're semi-ready for him if he chooses to make his appearance. There are still a few more things to buy, we need to install the car-seat and set up the stroller, and I need to finish packing the hospital bags. But, in the grand scheme of things, if he comes today we're pretty much ready.

I know that the longer he's in there, the better it is for him. But let me tell you, there are days when I just WANT THIS KID OUT!!! I'm ready to start our new adventure. I want to stop wondering/worry about Stephanie's reaction. I want to know how the labor/delivery are going to go. I want to feel like a normal-sized human being again.

 Then on the other hand, I think that it won't be so bad if he waits all the way until his due date to make his grand appearance. Those thoughts come when we have nice lazy mornings like today's, where Stephanie sleeps until 7:30, and I get to write a blog while she plays, with no newborn screaming and needing to be changed/fed/rocked. I guess I just need to realize that it's one of those things where all I can do is be prepared, and accept the fact that I won't know when he's going to arrive. In the meantime, I need to embrace, enjoy, and soak up these days, because our lives are going to change in a huge way in just 3 short weeks!

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