Friday, September 30, 2011

My Favorite TV Shows

One of the things I was excited about when I found out i'd be having a baby in the fall was all the new TV shows I'd get to watch while being up and feeding the baby. Obviously he isn't here yet, but since all the new shows have started, I figured i'd share with you my favorites. (I'll warn you now, i'm not a reality TV fan. I much prefer sitcoms, and the occasional drama.)

-How I Met Your Mother. 
  This one has been around for a while, but I still love it. I find it good for a laugh, and i'm excited that one of the characters (Lily) is pregnant. I always prefer shows I can relate to, and when this one first came out, I felt like Dan and I were very similar to Lily & Marshall. We had a group of friends that we'd go to the bar with and just hang, which is pretty much what goes on on the show. We were also the only serious couple, like Lily & Marshall, and it seemed like our engagement and wedding corresponded to theirs. And now they're pregnant, so I can relate to them again!

-Big Bang Theory
  I've always loved this one. I like to tease my husband and say that he's like the geeky science guys on the show, because he has a Master's degree in math. (In reality, he really isn't like them...I don't think anyone could be quite as bad the guys on this show!) I also love that they've added more female characters to the show (also scientists) who are friendly with the character Penny. Penny is the polar opposite of the rest of the main characters. She's an aspiring actress who works as a waitress, while everyone else is a scientist of some sort. I find it light and funny, perfect for vegging out after a long day. 

-Two Broke Girls
   I wasn't sure how i'd feel about this one, but so far it seems pretty good. The concept (a riches-to-rags-girl who has to become a waitress and move in with one of the other waitresses) seemed a little stale. But the writing is good, and I think it might get even better as the season goes on. 

-The Middle & Modern Family
   I think both of these ABC Wednesday night shows are amazing. I laugh the entire time I watch both of them, and love the dysfunctional nature of the families in both shows. Nothing makes you feel good about yourself like watching the trials and tribulations of fictional characters. Again, the writing is amazing, and the acting is phenomenal. 

   I thought this show looked dark and scary when I saw the previews, and I never watch scary stuff. But it came on right after Modern Family last week, and I got hooked immediately. It's quickly becoming an addiction of mine. It's a mystery, and kind of leaves you hanging, and wondering what's going to happen, and what happened in the past. You definitely need to watch it from the beginning or you'll be completely confused, but I think that it is worth it, and is by far my favorite new show this season. (The premise is that the main character, Emily, moves to a beach house to seek revenge on the people who ruined her father's life when she was a little girl.) 

Lastly, i'll be watching the baseball playoffs and World Series. We're Yankees fans in my house, but even if they weren't playing, i'd watch, because I actually enjoy watching baseball games. I am not really a sports person at all. Watching football gives me a headache because it happens so fast and I can never tell what's going on. Basketball and hockey bore me. But baseball? I love it. And the best part is, you can almost always find a baseball game on in the middle of the night during play-off season, because they replay them. Perfect for those late-night feedings!

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