Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Poor, Neglected Blog

I feel so behind on my blogging. I have a post that I've started, but it needs more thought and some revisions, and honestly...I don't have the brain power to work on it right now. Usually when that happens, I just let it sit in my drafts for a few days until I can really put time and effort into it, and in the meantime I'll write other, quicker posts. But, as you know, that hasn't happened this time. The following is a list of some of the things I've been doing instead.

-I've been getting a lot of Christmas shopping done, and spend a lot of time making lists, checking them twice (haha) and organizing the things I have. My plan is to finish one person, and wrap all of his/her gifts at once, and then bag them up according to family, and then when i'll be distributing them. (So for example, my sister, her husband, and her daughter's gifts will go in one bag, and since we'll be exchanging with them at the same time as my parents and other sister, each of their gifts will go in the same bag.) This will hopefully prevent me from either losing presents or forgetting to get/wrap something for someone. (I don't know if what I just wrote makes sense to anyone reading it, but in my head it works so just bear with me.)

-Since my children will be getting new gifts soon, i'm working on cleaning things out around the house. (Toys, clothes, other random junk that just piles up.) I have several bags to bring to the consignment shop, and several to donate.

-Joseph's Baptism is December 4th, so i'm semi-working on the celebration we're having afterwards. (I really need to do more for it, like buy supplies and work on favors. Instead, I've pretty much just been making lists of all the things I need to do.)

-I have not gotten more than 2 or 3 hours of sleep at a time, and while this isn't really bothering me, I just don't quite have the brain power to focus on writing. My brain feels sort of mushy. I know this isn't necessarily something I've been doing, but it is a reason for not writing.

-Joseph eats every 3 hours, and between feeding, burping, and changing, the process lasts an hour. That means I only have two hours between each feeding to get housework done and spend time with Stephanie. And somehow with two kids now, the house always seems to need cleaning, and there are mountains of laundry.

So, to sum up...I'm upset that I have not found time to focus on my blog, and because it really bothers me I felt like I needed to write an "i'm feeling sorry for myself" post, where I try to justify why that is. I know these are all just excuses, and that I could find time to squeeze in the writing, but other "stuff" gets in the way. It's my own fault, and if I really want to write, I need to just do it. I can't guarantee that will happen as often as I want it to, but just in case anyone has been wondering why there have not been frequent updates, you know!

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