Friday, November 4, 2011

We have "Kids"

Last night Dan and I were having a conversation. I can't remember what we were talking about, or even the exact sentence, but at one point he said something about our kids. Then he said "Wow. We have kids. Not just a baby, or a toddler, but kids. As in, more than one. Wow."

I think that it's just now hitting us that we are a family of four. The dust has begun to settle, the newness has worn off, and we've adjusted to the fact that this is our life now. We have two amazing, beautiful children that God has blessed us with, and we're really feeling like a family unit. It is definitely challenging, and I so wish I had appreciated how easy it was when I only had one child, but I wouldn't trade having two for anything in the world.

One of my favorite parts of being a Mommy-of-two is watching the interaction between Stephanie and Joseph. Since he is three weeks old now (OMG how did that happen??), he is awake and alert much more than he was  before. He watches everything and takes it all in, and I love when his eyes focus on his sister as she whirls in and out of his line of vision. I look at it as a preview of things to come. At every stage of his life, she will be there, and he will learn from her (both good things and bad) and look up to her.

Stephanie is also enamored with her little brother. The first thing she asks for in the morning is Baby Joseph. (It used to be Daddy...clearly, he takes second place now.) When he burps she says "Excuse you Baby Joe-Joe", when he sneezes she says "Bless You Baby Joe-Joe", and when he cries she either says "It's ok!" or "Oh no, Paci Mommy!" (Meaning she wants me to put his Paci back in his mouth.) She loves to point out his head, hair, hands, and feet. When i'm burping him after a bottle, she'll come up and rub his back. She is so loving towards him, which makes my heart burst with pride and happiness.

I know that things between the two of them will not always be so sweet and loving. They will grow up and have fights and arguments. They will yell at each other, slam doors, tattle, and compete like all siblings do. But my hope for them is that, despite all of that, they will grow up loving one another, and be there for each other always. And in the meantime, I am absolutely embracing and enjoying the sweet moments between the two of them. Our kids.

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