Thursday, February 23, 2012

Conversations With Stephanie

My daughter loves to talk. From the minute she wakes up ("Mommy! Stephanie awake! rattles doorknob incessently. Go other room now!") to the moment she lies her pretty little head down on her pillow ("Goo Night Mama, I la loo!") she is chatting. Half of the time I have no idea what she's saying, but she has infinite patience with me and will repeat herself over and over until I get it. (She has that little sigh down, which is a clear indication that she thinks I am completely dumb for not getting it right away.)

My favorite conversations with her happen during car rides. Today we took a 10 minute trip to the gas station, and this is a snippet of our conversation.

Stephanie: Mommy a tractor!

Me: I see that tractor.

S: MORE tractor!

M: Lets keep looking.

S: Eyes.

M: Yup, we have to use our eyes.

S: Riiiiiiiide

M: We can't ride, or we'll hit the car in front of us. We're stopped because of the light. What color is it?

S: Red

M: And what does that mean?

S: Stop. Green! Go!

M: Yes, green means go, but it isn't green yet.

S: Gooooo mommy!

M: Not yet.

Long Pause

S: YAY! Green.

M: Yup, here we go.

S: Christmas lights!

M: Well, those are actually just somebody's outdoor porch lights. But sure, you can call them Christmas lights if you want.

S: MORE Christmas lights!

M: I don't know if we'll see anymore.

S: Stephanie look. Eyes.

M: Good idea, use your eyes to look for more.

S: Siren!

M: I did see that siren. (Any car with a flashing light is considered a siren. Police cars, ambulances, tow trucks, etc.)

S: MORE siren!

M: Keep looking.

S: Eyes

M: Yes, use your eyes to see the siren lights.


M: We can't. We're stopped at another red light.

S: Green go.

M: Yes, when the light turns green, we'll go.

S: Yay, green go. Nana's house!

M: No, we're not going to Nana's house today.

S: Stephanie go Nana's house!!

M: Another day.

S: My water!

M: Oops, we forgot it at home.

S: My water (sob fest).

M: Stephanie! A siren!

S: Siren! MORE siren!

And that's pretty much how it goes every time we're in the car. And as much as I get tired of repeating myself, I love that she's so observant. And it's much more preferable to when she used to scream the entire time she was strapped in her carseat...

*I linked up with Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop today. The prompt was "Capture what it's like to spend a moment talking with your kiddo."


  1. I had a car seat screamer too. And now, I have an incessant talker. He's four now so we get to have very loooooong conversations. I love listening to the things he comes up with and to the stories and reenactments he shares. His gymnastic coach and preschool teacher don't seem quite as excited about it though! Guess we need to discuss restraint too!

    1. Haha, I am sure when my daughter starts preschool she will be the overly chatty one too :) Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  2. This made me laugh because it sounds exactly like our conversations in the car. Drives me crazy sometimes (especially when my other one is crying) but I LOVE it! My older daughter talked for 3.5 hours on our ride home from NJ one day. It was tiring but kept the ride interesting!

    1. Isn't it funny how they are so young but have so much to say? I guess talking for the entire 3.5 hours is preferable to whining the whole time, haha :)

  3. hahahaha this is very much like our car rides every single day (i take her to and from school). i love the More ____! like we're supposed to snap our fingers and bring about another firetruck, school bus, siren, bird, kid, etc. :D

    1. Exactly! We are apparently magicians who can just summon whatever it is out of thin air. I'm glad my kid isn't the only one who thinks that :)


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