Monday, February 13, 2012

I Lost the "Weight Loss" Drive...

I was doing so well with my health routine. For the entire month of January I ate right, exercised 5-6 nights a week, did ab workouts 4-5 times a week, and lost 10 (!) pounds. I was so excited, because I have never successfully started a weight-loss "program" and kept at it for more than a day or two. Sadly, the drive didn't last into February.

For some reason, I totally lost it this month. I started slowly, by dropping a workout here and there. Then the ab work started slipping. Then I started snacking more frequently. Then we had several nights in a row where we went out to eat. Then we had Stephanie's birthday goodies. And then last night, I hit my own personal rock bottom.

I've mentioned before how proud I was for not snacking at night anymore. No matter what other healthy habits were slipping, that one stayed strong. But then last night I started eating and just ate and ate and ate. I felt so gross and disgusting afterwards, so right then and there I made the decision to jump right back up and start the healthy habits all over again.

I woke up this morning even more determined to get back on track. I feel so much better when i'm eating right and exercising. I have more energy and patience, and i'm a much happier wife and mommy. It's good for me both mentally and physically, and it's also a morale boost to know that I can achieve my weight-loss goals.

I've done well so far today, and once all of the birthday and Valentine's Day treats are out of the house, I know i'll do even better. It's an uphill battle for me, and one that i'm determined to conquer. But I know I can do it. My goal is to be at my pre-Stephanie weight by the time Joseph is 7 months old on May 13th!

Here are some of the things i'm going to do to ensure I reach that goal:

~Drink water all day long

~Stock the refrigerator and cupboards with healthy, quick snacks

~Have a filling breakfast

~Portion out my snacks so that I know exactly how much i'm eating at a time

~Work out every night. (By saying this, I won't be able to put it off one night and say "oh, I don't feel like it tonight, which is ok since I only need to do it 3 nights a week. This is a recipe for putting it off and putting it off, and then missing an entire week. If I plan to do it every night, then it's ok when I have a night where I really can't.)

~Ab work every afternoon (Same principle as the exercise every night theory.)

~Plan healthy meals in advance so that I have all the ingredients in the house (There's nothing like going to start a meal and realizing i'm short an ingredient. That's a sure-fire way to ensure i'll eat an unhealthy dinner.)

I know these are small things, but I believe they will make all the difference.


  1. I'm trying to get healthy and have been slipping lately too. My biggest hurdle is eating a good breakfast. I tend to wait hours and by then I am starved! Habits are so hard to change and it seems like one little slip is all it takes!

    1. I completely slip up and it's all over. I still can't pull it together...I have been eating horribly. :(

  2. You can do it! I fall off the wagon ALL. THE. TIME....which is probably why I've been trying to lose the same ten pounds for like a decade. This post got me motivated, I want to get back to my pre-E weight by HER bday May 29. Fingers crossed for both of us, at least we can remind each other to guzzle water ;)

    1. Thanks for the support Jenny! I'm trying...I just can't seem to eat healthy lately. I have the munchies. But i'm re-inspiring myself as of this minute! haha. Good luck to you too...I will be sure to send you those reminders on the water :)


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