Saturday, February 4, 2012

Five Sweet Mommy Moments

1. Whenever I hold Joseph, he clutches my shirt in his tiny baby fist. It's as if he's holding onto me, making sure I don't put him down. Makes my heart melt every time.

2. Every night at bedtime, Stephanie asks me to lie down with her. We cuddle together (the only time she'll let me cuddle her) and talk about our day. She has an amazing ability to recall everything we've done that day, from the places we went to the food we ate. Right before I kiss her and climb out, I ask her how much I love her and she says "A million billion!" I've always told her I love her a million billion, and I love that she knows it by heart now.

3. If someone else is holding Joseph and he wants to get to me, he throws his entire body in my direction. He doesn't have the ability to put his arms out yet, but he knows that if lunges towards me, I will scoop him out of the other person's arms and cuddle him close. As a mom, there's nothing quite like knowing that your child prefers you to everyone else in the world.

4. Dan and I always make a point to give each other a hug and kiss before he leaves for work in the mornings. No matter where Stephanie is in our apartment, she hurtles herself towards us the second she sees the hug, yelling "Stephanie hug too!" We pick her up and form a little hug circle, and it's a wonderful, calming way to begin our day.

5. Joseph started rolling over this week, and as I watch him maneuver his little body, a bittersweet pride washes over me. I'm so happy that he's reached this milestone, but at the same time I can't believe he's already old enough to roll. (Yes, it's a cliche, but as I've said before, time just goes too quickly!) He is now fully adept at going from back to tummy, but he can't quite figure out how to maneuver himself back the other way. He's trying though!


  1. My daughter loves cuddling at night too... after her bath she always wants me to hold her and sing to her. I love it!!! So many great moments!

    1. Isn't it the best? Toddlers are just so active and busy, it makes cuddle time even more special.


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