Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Joseph's 7 Month Letter

Dear Joseph,

Happy 7 Month Birthday!

This month was doubly special because your 7 month birthday fell on Mother's Day. You can read about our day here.

You have grown and changed so much this past month. You can now officially keep yourself in a seated position until you consciously choose to topple over in order to reach a toy. (Or the computer wires. Or Stephanie's toys. Or the DVDs.)

You want to crawl, but whenever I put you on all fours you collapse onto your face. When you're on your tummy, you can scoot backwards. However, your goal is usually to move forward toward something, so you often get frustrated. Don't worry, you'll figure it out soon enough. Not too quickly though...I haven't completely baby-proofed the apartment yet!

You now have two bottom teeth, and are working on popping more through. This process is yet another reason why you still don't sleep through the night. I do feel bad for you though, because I imagine teething must be truly painful.

You still enjoy your exersaucer, although you prefer to be on the ground causing trouble playing. You and Stephanie sometimes take baths together, and you love to giggle at her as she splashes and entertains you. You enjoy looking at and chewing on books,  and playing with your stacking toys, teething rings, and shape sorter.

You eat dinner at the table with us, and munch on puffs and mum-mums. You still haven't mastered the sippy cup, but you're improving a little every day. You still devour any and all solid foods that we offer you, and down 4-5 bottles of formula every day.

I took you to the Dr this month to discuss some of your digestive issues, and you weighed 18.5lbs. You're certainly a growing boy!

You're still the happiest, most smiley little boy I've ever met, and you delight in being around the people you love.

You've started to get upset when I move out of your sight, which makes me feel so loved. You are very attached to your mama, and i'm equally attached to you!

Thank you for being such a sweet, loving and happy baby. Every day I delight in the new discoveries you make and the excitement with which you greet your world. I love you a million billion little boy!



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