Friday, May 25, 2012

Teething Bling Review and Giveaway

You sacrifice a lot when you become a mom. Things like sleep, your pre-baby body, the ability to go out with girlfriends (or your hubby) whenever you want, privacy, etc. etc. While there are certainly times that I miss some of those things (like, um, sleep...) I wouldn't trade my precious little ones for any of them.

One of the things that I've given up since having my babies is wearing necklaces. When they were both newborns, I spent a lot of time with them lying on my chest. I didn't want necklaces digging into their little faces, so I quit wearing them. Then as they got a little older I didn't want them pulling or chewing on the necklaces, so they stayed hanging in my jewelry armoire. And I'll admit that I missed them.

When I heard about Teething Bling, I got super excited. Have you heard of them? They are a company that makes jewelry which doubles as teethers. An ingenious combination, right? As I browsed through their website, I realized right away that these necklaces are amazing. They are stylish and functional, which is what every busy mom needs! And since Joseph has been trying to cut teeth for over a month now and chews on everything, I knew the bling would be a hit with him as well.

All of teething bling's products are non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, PVC, latex and lead-free. They also have a break-away clasp, in case we get entangled. They come in a variety of beautiful colors to complement any of your outfits, and they also have bangles to match.

I was thrilled when my bling arrived, and put it on right away. Mine is a gorgeous lavender colored donut shaped pendant on a black silky string.

The day it arrived we had a trip planned to our local Children's Museum. As usual I wore Joseph in the Ergo. However, instead of fussing and needing a pacifier, he immediately latched onto my teething bling. He picked it up and examined it for a minute, and then slowly brought it to his mouth. (I swear he looked at me as he did it, as if to say "Am I really allowed to chew on this mom?") For the entire duration of our trip the teething bling kept him occupied, and I was able to rest assured that it was safe for him to gnaw on.

Later in the day we were at my sister's house, and I got several compliments on my new pendant. (I think everyone was shocked to actually see a necklace on me!) They were amazed when I told them that not only is it a gorgeous accessory, but it's a functional teether for Joseph.

I am so thrilled with this product and can't recommend it highly enough. I can finally wear necklaces again, Joseph always has something to occupy him while he's in my arms, and he can satisfy his need to chew and get those teeth out!

I can really chew on this mom?

It can even be used hands-free!

I am excited to announce that smart mom jewelry has generously offered to let one lucky reader of Baby Makes Four choose a teething bling pendant for themselves. (If you don't have little ones at home, they make a great gift!) I'm using RaffleCopter to choose a winner, and the giveaway will last for 5 days. Good luck! 

*I was provided product for this review. All opinions are my own.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. What a cutie and we love Teething Bling in this house! Great review!

  2. love the new shimmery pendants!

  3. Great review! The moonstone is my favorite at first glance - would be a great addition to a gift I'm giving at a baby shower.

  4. I like the turquoise one! The kids are adorable <3

  5. Great review! Id love the jade one! Or the strawberry scented one!

  6. these are so cute and amazing for moms and their babies!

  7. I like purple... this is a great idea!

  8. Nice product, I actually wanted to try it on my daughter! Thanks for linking up to Favorite Product Fridays! I will have to come back and enter your giveaway! Thanks for the invite....

    Have a great weekend!

    Julie @ Naptime Review

  9. these are so cool following from the hop

  10. I have I try to make myself as girlie as possible! I love the raspberry shimmer and the pearl shimmer is one that would match everything :-)

  11. love the violet shimmer one!

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