Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Photo Re-Cap

For our family, as for many others, Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer. Every year we kick off the season by hosting a barbeque for our family and friends. It's one of our favorite days of the year, and we look forward to it for months.

This year we also decided to take the kids to our local parade in the morning. Stephanie was thrilled to see Fire Trucks and balloons.

When she woke up from her nap in the afternoon, our guests were already here. There was a lot of good food, some delicious sangria, red white & blue cupcakes, and tons of laughter and talking. We had a volleyball game, a frisbee game, and a sprinkler for the little ones. It was a great day all around, and I always feel so blessed surrounded by so many of our loved ones. I hope all of you had as wonderful a holiday as we did.

And as always, we made sure to take some time during the day to remember the real reason for our long weekend. We will always remember the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Words cannot express our graditude.

Joseph being Patriotic
Stephanie & I. She loves to take pics with me :)

My boys
We spent a long time trying to get a good family shot. This was the best we could get!

Stephanie & Daddy at the parade
Joseph & I waiting for the parade to start

3 adorable girls waiting for the sprinkler to turn on

They had a blast!


  1. That red, white and blue bathing suit is so cute! We had a cookout on Monday too. It is nice to be surrounded by family!

    1. I love cookouts! I'm so happy it's finally warm out :)

  2. What great pictures, you guys are so patriotic & photogenic, I love it!!

  3. The girlies are so cute!! We all had a great time! Ree has asked every day since to go back to Auntie's to take a "shower"!!!

  4. Cute pics, I had an ergo with all 3 of my kids. it's my one baby gear must have! :)


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