Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Weekly Grocery Shopping

This week I went to 3 different stores. I didn't need anything for the dinners I had planned, so I just needed to pick up some things for breakfasts, lunches and snacks. Because there weren't many things I needed, I was able to shop the sales for things to stock up on.

Yesterday I ran to Trader Joe's in the morning to do a quick shop before our snow storm started. I bought:

32oz tub of plain lowfat organic yogurt
1 loaf of multi grain sprouted bread (I'd never bought this before but heard good things and wanted to try it.)
Bagged salad (baby spring mix)
Organic squeeze yogurts
Box of 100 calorie dark chocolate
Corn tortillas
Chicken sausage
A Smoothie  drink

I spent $25.18

Then today I went to Dave's, our local market. I had gone through the ads, and again, since I didn't necessarily need much, I bought things that were on good sales.

Strawberries (2lbs)
Chicken stock
Chicken tenderloins (2lb)
Ground Turkey (2lb)
A dozen eggs
1lb of american cheese

I spent $22.60

Later in the day I met a friend at Whole Foods (NOT the place to go when you're on a budget. But it was a special treat, and I have been wanting to go and price compare some things.) First we had a very expensive lunch of pizza and salad. (My friend brought things from home and supplemented with a slice of pizza from WF and a cookie from the bakery as a treat. She's a genius. I'll do that next time.) Then I attempted to walk around the store but it was nap/rest time and the kids were not enjoying being there. I did manage to grab some things that were really well priced like:

Bagged organic popcorn
2 cartons of organic soup (1 tomato and 1 sweet potato)
1 carton of  organic chicken broth (Which was a really good price)
Almond milk
32oz tub of organic plain yogurt. Yes I had just bought this at Trader Joe's. But it was the same price and I go through it fast. I usually buy two of them at TJs, but had forgotten.
Feta Cheese

I spent $19.97

I've spent a total of $67.75 on groceries in February, so based on my monthly food budget of $275, I have $207.25  left. And i'm completely done with this week's shopping. Pretty good so far!

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  1. Megan, I'm so glad to see you writing again! This is a great post. Our grocery budget has been $320/month but I'd really like to cut it down even more. Your $275 budget is inspiring! I'd love to chat more about how you're meal planning and maintaining that budget :)


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