Thursday, February 6, 2014

What We Eat For Breakfast

To go along with my series on grocery budgeting and meal planning, I thought I would share with you the things that we eat at other times of day, not just dinner.

 At our house, breakfast is typically very predictable. In fact, our whole morning routine is pretty predictable.

I start my day with three (yes, three) cups of coffee. I make a half pot, and since i'm the only one who drinks it, I get it all. I don't put any sugar or cream in my coffee, and this week I've been experimenting with using almond milk instead of my usual 1%. It's definitely different, but I want to give it a full week before I decide whether I actually like it or not.

When the kids get up, they watch a show and drink half a sippy cup of 1% milk. They often request a snack while they watch, so they get little bowls with Trader Joe's cheerios, craisins, or bran flakes in them. (I serve it to order, whichever combination of the three that they ask for on any particular day.)

When we sit down at the table for breakfast, the kids eat yogurt, fruit and some kind of grain. (A pumpkin spelt muffin, a Trader Joe's breakfast bar, a piece of toast with peanut butter.) The type of fruit and yogurt depends on what we have in the house at the time. Occasionally they will request cereal with milk, in which case they get either cheerios or bran flakes.

I have two breakfasts that I alternate between. I either have plain organic yogurt with a tablespoon of flax seed and a cheddar egg or pumpkin spelt muffin on the side, or oatmeal made with milk, cinnamon, walnuts (or sunflower seeds) and a little maple syrup or honey. Sometimes I'll add fruit or a cheddar egg muffin if i'm still hungry. Like the kids, I occasionally switch it up by having fruit and a bowl of cheerios or bran flakes.

Breakfast is a nice meal for me because it's predictable, so I always know which ingredients I need to keep in stock. If I notice i'm running low on something, I just add it to my ongoing shopping list and pick it up the next week. I've never run out of everything all at once before, so we always have at least one of our optionsa available to eat.

I'd love to hear what all of you eat for breakfast! It's the most important meal of the day, after all. :)


  1. Silly question but what is pumpkin spelt? Lately for breakfast I've been having either a fried egg & toast or oatmeal with either honey & cinnamon or brown sugar & cinnamon. Ree has either Cheerios or bran flakes & a yogurt. I need to make the cheddar egg muffins. That'll be a nice change from fried eggs!

  2. Definitely make the cheddar egg muffins! mmmmm. Spelt is a type of whole wheat flour. It's lighter and less "wheaty" and gives the muffins a cake-like texture. So yummy! They're also made with honey, so no refined sugar

  3. Do you have some of these recipes available? I would love the cheddar egg muffin one and the pumpkin spelt muffin one :)


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