Tuesday, October 18, 2011

5 Days Old

He's here! He arrived on October 13th, 2011 via an induction. I will write a post that chronicles his birth, but I need time and focus to write it, both of which i'm lacking right now.

His vital stats: 9lbs, 9oz, 20.5". Yes, he was a BIG boy! But compared to his sister he is teeny tiny. We are completely in love with him, especially Stephanie. She asks for him every morning, and loves to rub his feet. Sadly, she came down with a cold and fever last night, which makes me 100% paranoid that Joseph is going to get sick. Therefore, I sent her back to stay with my parents for a few nights. It broke my heart to send her away, but I know they will give her all the loving and tender care that she needs. (It helped validate my decision when my dad came to pick her up and she couldn't get out the door fast enough.)

Joseph is a sleepy baby, and a lazy eater. We have to wake him up every 3 hours during the day to eat, which is exceedingly difficult. The kid loves his sleep! We're letting him go longer stretches at night, which is nice for all of us. He feels so-so about his bassinet. Some times he'll sleep in it like a champ, other times he's not that interested. But he loves to curl up on my chest, and cuddle with me. I feel incredibly bonded to him because he calms right down when I hold him. There's nothing like a newborn cuddle :)

I can't believe he's already five days old. Time is flying. But, i'm really living in the moment and enjoying every second of my time with him. This newborn stage will only last so long, and I don't want to spend it worried about the state of my house. So, things aren't that clean, and the clutter is threatening to take over. But I am healthy, Joseph is healthy, and we are slowly adjusting to life as a family of four.

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