Friday, September 7, 2012

Highlights Hello...A Magazine For Babies!

Do you remember reading Highlights magazine as a kid? I do! (In fact, I think my mom might still have some of our Highlights lying around her house.) I loved the magazine, and Dan and I have talked before about how we can't wait until our children are old enough to read it.

When I went to BlogHer12 last month, I was invited to a Highlights breakfast launch for their BRAND NEW magazine, Highlights Hello. I was ecstatic, and couldn't wait to find out more about their newest addition. And what I found out is fantastic!

Highlights Hello is a magazine for babies ages 0-2, and they generously gifted me with an advance copy, which I couldn't wait to bring home to share with Joseph!

As you can see, he absolutely loved it.
MOM! I get my very own magazine??
Hmmmm, lets see what this thing is all about
Ooooh, I love it so much that I must chew it!
Highlights Hello was a huge hit for both Joseph and I. He loves cuddling with me as I read him the age appropriate poem and story. On the Find It page, I point out and name the objects that we see. The colors are vibrant and cheerful, and Joseph loves to bat the pages with his hands.

One of the things I love best about Highlights Hello is that it's printed with non-toxic ink containing soy and/or vegetable oils, on durable, washable paper with rounded corners. Seriously, Joseph has chewed this thing like crazy and it hasn't disintegrated and he has never bit a piece off. Even board books can't claim this!

Most of you know how much I love books and reading, and how important I think it is to start a love of literacy very young. Highlights Hello provides an opportunity for age-appropriate reading, and I love their mission for this new magazine, which is to:

         *Strengthen the parent/child bond by encouraging parents to talk, laugh, play, sing and read with their babies and toddlers
         *Encourage parents to observe & build upon their babies' inherent abilities
         *Support babies' language development
         *Inspire the discovery & rediscovery of the joy of loving and caring for their babies

Want to Purchase Highlights Hello?
The first issue will be the January 2013 issue, which will ship in December. Pre-ordering is available on their website, (You can rest assured that your magazine will arrive clean, because Highlights ships it in an envelope!)

You can subscribe to Highlights Hello for 1, 2, or 3 years. (There is a discount if you choose the 2 or 3 year options. A 1 year subscription costs $34.44.) Also, (and I think this is a fantastic option!) you can change your order at any time to Highlights High Five (for ages 2-6) if your child outgrows Highlights Hello before your subscription ends! I love that!

WIN A Subscription!
Highlights is generously offering one lucky A Baby Makes Four reader the chance to win a 1 year subscription. And while Highlights Hello is the perfect choice for us because Joseph is still little, some of you might have older children who would benefit from one of the other fabulous Highlights magazines. (Highlights High Five for ages 2-6 or Highlights for ages 6-12.)

I've decided to make entering this giveaway as SIMPLE as possible. That means that the only thing you have to do is leave me a blog comment below. Let me know which magazine you'd like to win, and who you would like to win it for. The giveaway runs through September 16th, and I will randomly choose a winner the morning of the 17th. (Which happens to be my birthday, so consider this my birthday you!) I will announce the winner on the A Baby Makes Four facebook page and on Twitter.

I'll leave you with this final picture of me, spending quality time with my precious little ones, reading Highlights Hello. :) Good luck to everyone, I can't wait to see who the lucky winner will be!

*Highlights provided me with an advance copy of Highlights Hello for review purposes. All opinions are my own. Giveaway open to US residents only. When the winner is announced, he/she will have 48 hours to contact me back. If I haven't heard from the winner by that point, I will choose someone else. 

*If you've enjoyed reading this blog post, I'd love for you to consider following my blog on Facebook, subscribing by email and/or following via GFC! Thank you, and I appreciate all of your support. :) 


  1. I'm really hoping to get Highlights Hello for my daughter. If I don't win, it's going in her Christmas list!

  2. Highlights Hello for now! Would be so great!

  3. Love it! Hannah would love that!! She enoys flipping through books :)

  4. I am really happy to hear about this magazine, and would love to read it with my little Peyton! And I know Brayden would like to as well!

  5. I remember reading Highlights too. That is awesome that they have made one for every age group. The Highlight Hello or High Five would be awesome for Aiden as he is almost 2. Thanks for the great review!!!

  6. Ohhhh so exciting!! Lucas would love to join his buddy in reading this magazine. He's always trying to grab Conrad's highlight magazine so one of his own would be perfect!!

  7. We love Highlights magazine here so much!! What a great review!

  8. I'd love to win the Highlights High Five for Ree! We have one copy & she LOVES reading it as her "car magazine". She is always telling us what she's "reading" about as we drive along!

  9. I'm betting my one-year-old daughter would really enjoy a subscription to Highlights Hello! We have read a couple Babybug magazines and she enjoys this but as much as I enjoyed Highlights as a kid, I'd love to see their take on a baby magazine! Thanks for the great blog post!

  10. If it passed the taste test, it has to be good. :) I would love the regular Highlights magazine for my son. I used to love that as a kid and he is always looking at it when we go to the doctor's!

  11. How adorable! I didn't know they had a line of magazines for younger kids. My 4.5 year old loves her highlights mags but I would love to win a subscription to the high five one for my almost 2 yr old daughter!

  12. I'd love the Highlights Hello for my baby!! I love that magazine!!!

  13. oooooh I'd love Highlights High Five for my two little ones! They are the perfect age at 4 and 2!!!!

  14. If you want california pics check this page:


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