Monday, September 3, 2012

First Haircut

She's walking, she's talking, she's starting school in two days. (More on that in another post.) She eats with a fork and spoon (most of the time), can drink from a regular cup and is 100% potty-trained (no pull-ups, even at night.) She knows all her colors, shapes, and letters. My girl is growing up, and yesterday she reached another milestone: her first haircut.

We talked up the haircut in the days leading up to it. I wanted her to be excited, even though she really had no idea what getting a haircut meant.

On the morning of the big day we dropped baby brother off at my mom's house and headed out for some girl time.

When we got to the salon, she was thrilled. (It was a pretty cool place.) She bounced up and down on the chairs in the waiting area, and posed with the Snip-Its mascot.

When it was time to hop up in the seat, she did so gamely. When the hairdresser put the smock on, her eyes got a little big, but we talked her through what was happening.

And then she was given bubbles to blow, and it was as if she had been handed a million dollars. It's amazing how powerful bubbles can be.

The hairdresser cut off a few inches, blew it dry, and styled it with a french braid, complete with a bow. (She asked Stephanie her favorite color and she responded "blue and pink." So that's what she got.)

The trip was completed with a handful of animal crackers, a pretty bracelet souvenir, and a certificate for her first haircut. (Which contained a piece of her precious baby hair.) My proud girl held it up and posed for pictures. She then announced that she needed another haircut so she could blow bubbles in the big chair again.

After I convinced her that her hair needs to grow long again before we cut it, we headed out to finish our day with some shopping.

What do you think....quite a difference, right?


  1. awww, she did so well! looks lovely too x

    1. Thank you! I was impressed with how well she did :) Thanks for visiting & commenting! xoxo

  2. My husband wants to cut my daughter's hair, but I am against it! She was bald for so long that I don't want to cut it. lol. It looks super cute though! Nate loves snip-its!

    1. I cut it because it was so uneven, I couldn't take it anymore!!


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