Monday, November 12, 2012

Don't Blink...

....or you just might miss something.

Sometimes I really feel that way. Like I blinked and my two little ones changed in an instant.

A few days ago I was watching old videos of Stephanie and feeling nostalgic. One of them wasn't that old, taken back in September. As in, two months ago. As I watched and listened to her talk, I realized she doesn't talk like that anymore. Her words are so much clearer and more articulate now.

It made me pause and think about some of the things my kids do and say right now that I take for granted. Things that I assume I will always remember, but know that I will likely forget. Things like:

~How Joseph will drop whatever he's doing and run to the window shouting "bye-bye" and waving frantically whenever a truck goes down the road.

~How Stephanie will sing "We are family. Mommy, Daddy, Stephanie and Joseph." Whenever we are all together.

~How Joseph will say "HI!!! DADA!" with so much excitement whenever Dan walks in the door or we wake him up in the morning.

~How Stephanie asks 1,000 questions every time we get in the car. (Where we going? What town we in? What town we going to? Where are all those cars going? etc. etc.)

~How Joseph runs after his sister in a desperate attempt to keep up, giggling and shrieking at her as if it's the most fun game in the world.

~How Stephanie says "fwished" instead of squished.

~How Joseph puts his two index fingers together as his version of the sign for "more."

~How Stephanie's pretend phone conversations always go the same way "Hi. It's Stephanie. Bye."

These are just a few examples. There a thousand others that happen all day long. They are the things that are so cute but when they stop happening you don't even realize it. Just like I have no idea when Stephanie started pronouncing her f's as f's instead of p's. (I loved when we would say prayers and she would say "Dear God, thank you por..." Now it's "Thank you for" clear as a bell.)

I love that I can use this blog as a way to remember these little parts of their childhood that might get lost as the years go on. What are some of those little things that your kids are doing now that you'd like to remember?

Today I'm linking up with my friend Debi over at The Truth About Motherhood. She's starting a new meme called Mommy Moment Mondays. She wants happy, positive stories of motherhood. So often it's easy to write about the negative things, the things you want to commiserate with other moms about. But on Mondays she wants to hear some of the MANY positive aspects of Motherhood. I loved thinking about the cute and adorable things my little ones are doing right now, and look forward to reading other women's positive Mommy Moments. 


  1. Oh Megan,
    Gabi used to say Poon for spoon and I loved it because it was so cute and special and now it is gone. She pronounces her s's and talks like a big girl and it breaks my heart just a little bit all the time. I;m so proud of her but at the same time the letting go stinks. I love that we get to write these moments down. I had a need to start this meme. I have been doing this for 4 years and I feel like I have lost touch with the Mommy moments because I am so wrapped up in getting to the next stage with life and work and everything. I needed to stop and focus on the moments, the wonderful moments that make it all worth it. Thank yo so much for linking up! Great post.

    1. So glad to have linked up!!! Love the meme :) Letting go does stink....makes me tear up every time I think of how much they have grown and changed.

  2. My daughter just turned four and is losing her baby voice. Oh, I'll be so sad when it's gone! I was feeling nostalgic a month or so ago and put in a video of my 1st grader - it was from when she was a 2yo - and I started bawling. I couldn't remember much of her being that young. I wish our brains could hardwire that stuff in. But since they can't - thank God for video!!!

    1. So sad to lose the baby voice! And I agree...thank God for video!

  3. They change so fast! Trust me. I blinked, and now my first baby is turning 8 next week. It's crazy!

  4. This is so wonderful and true. It truly takes my breath away to think all of this will be over one day. sigh.

    1. I know...someday the house will be quiet. I can't imagine.


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