Thursday, June 16, 2011

A new leaf

Lately i've been feeling overwhelmed by housework. I also tend toward the lazy when it comes to keeping things clean, and will wait until something is visibly dirty before I clean it. I do keep up with the laundry, and the dishes, and I make the bed every day. But when it comes to dusting, vacuuming, cleaning the windows, scrubbing the floors and bathroom, etc., I am lazy. I want to turn this around, and be better about keeping on top of things before they get gross to the point where I can't stand it and force myself to clean. I thrive on routine and schedule, and I think the lack of such things have led me to this place. The solution is what I will call "The Brandi style of clean."

Brandi is one of my very best friends, and a fellow mommy to a young toddler. However, one of the major differences between us is that she is an excellent housekeeper, and follows a strict schedule which allots time throughout the week for each cleaning task, including things that she does once a month. She also includes errand running and grocery trips in her schedule. When I made the epiphany that I would feel better/more organized/less lazy if I had a similar routine, I enlisted her help.

Through a very detailed email, (thank you Brandi!) she listed out her weekly schedule, and gave me all the details about things she does daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. I then sat down, using her schedule as a model, and created my own. I am eagerly looking forward to starting my schedule next week, and I have high hopes that it will keep me organized, clean, and happy. (I do realize that it is slightly pathetic that I am this excited, however, it's how I feel.)

If I can follow my schedule, I think it will be helpful for when #2 arrives in the fall. It will let my husband see what needs to be done and when, so that he can help. I also feel that it will help me stay on top of the household when everything else seems to be falling apart. (I still remember well that feeling of helplessness that comes on with the sleep deprivation and overwhelmingness of new-motherhood. A feeling that can only be magnified by also having a toddler in the house.) It's safe to say that I have high hopes for this schedule, and look forward to this, my "turning over a new leaf" lifestyle!

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