Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pregnancy Must-Haves

There are so many things I can't live without, so when I decided to write a "My Favorite Things" blog, I realized I needed to break it up into categories. So, for this first entry, i've decided to list my pregnancy essentials.

1) Boppy wedge
My mom bought the wedge for me during my first pregnancy, and it proved invaluable. It's a small, wedge-shaped pillow, and I tuck it under my belly for support while i'm sleeping. It helps keep my whole body aligned and alleviates a lot of my abdominal muscle pain. I use it every single night, and with this pregnancy I think I used it way before I actually needed it. It's that comfortable.

2) Water
Sounds so simple, but this pregnancy I have craved water. I drink it constantly, and have a camelback water bottle that I carry around whenever i'm out of the house. (I will not list that as one of my favorites, since i'm not all that thrilled with it. One of these days i'll look into getting a different bottle, but for now it serves its purpose.) I think that all the water is doing wonders for my body, helping to keep both the weight and the blood pressure down. Miracle liquid!

3) Skecher's slip-on sneakers
At the beginning of the spring, per usual, I started wearing flip-flops constantly. Every night I would wake up with horrendous cramping in my calves. Finally my husband pointed out the obvious: flip-flops were not giving me enough support. I was in denial for a while, but finally admitted he was right. I researched supportive shoes that met my criteria, which was to not be ugly, be able to slip on and off so that I didn't need to waste time heading out the door, and be able to be worn without socks. I found some Skechers slip-on mary-jane style shoes that fit the bill. They are not something I would normally choose, but they are serving their purpose, and I have not had any cramps since wearing them.

I'm sure there are more things, but those three are definitely the most invaluable to me right now, and I couldn't survive this pregnancy without them!

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