Friday, August 5, 2011

Baby Update

We're officially done with camping for the year. I'm always sad to see vacations end, but this one was so extra exhausting that I'm happy it's over, even though we all had so much fun. I'm already excited about next year!

I had my 30 week OB visit yesterday. Here are the stats:

Weight gain: Up 5 lbs....biggest jump yet. BUT i've still only put on a total of 18 pounds so far this pregnancy. With Stephanie, I was already up to 26 pounds. However, my daily snickers bar habit, and craving for Doritos definitely don't help keep the weight in check. Definitely something I need to work on...

Heart Beat: Strong. I love that part of the appointment. Even though I feel his movements constantly, it's nice to hear that steady whoosh, whoosh.

Blood Pressure: Excellent! Again, this is a huge improvement from when I had preeclampsia with Stephanie.

Glucose Test Results: Perfect. Which means no 3-hour test. Yay! However, i'm borderline anemic, so I need to up my iron intake, and make sure I don't forget my prenatals. (Something I have a tendency to do. Oops.)

So, basically this pregnany is progressing completely normally, and I am so grateful for that! Joseph is a big mover, and I love to sit and watch my belly jump up and down. I'm definitely feeling big and pregnant, and I tire more easily. But there are now only 9 weeks and 1 day until my due date! It's approaching fast, and i'm starting to get extra excited. :)

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