Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Ok, I did it...I conquered ebay!

Last winter Stephanie had this sweater that I loved. I put her in it every single time it was clean. (Possibly because I spent a total of 60 dollars on the sweater, a onesie to go under it, and a jean skirt to wear with it.) But it wasn't just the money, it was the fact that I completely adored this sweater. It was white, with red fair isle patterning along the collar, and sweet little penguins dancing among the pattern. I kept that thing hanging in her closet well into the summer, even though it no longer fit, and never would again. I had grand plans for heading to the outlets this winter to pick it up in this year's size, since the store I got it at always puts out the lines from the previous year. But then I realized that 1) I will have a newborn and a toddler this winter, and the odds of me getting to the outlet mall an hour away from my home are probably nil and 2) With my luck I would get there and they would have every size but 2T. So, I figured hey, let me check out this ebay thing that everyone raves about.

I went onto the site a few weeks ago, and signed up for account. Then emailed my sister to ask how the heck I was expected to pay. She told me about PayPal, but I was hesitant to do it, especially if I never ended up finding the thing. I felt funny about having my credit card info just out there in cyber-space. Especially because I kept finding the sweater, but starting bids were like, 25 dollars. For just the sweater. Sorry, I just can't do that.

Then, this weekend I found it, new with tags, for 9.99 starting bid. It also came with a matching red tutu, also new with tags. I couldn't help it, I posted a bid. I was so excited. I emailed my sister right away, and she got so excited. I think it was part excited that I found it, part excited that I was bidding on something, and ebay is really fun.

The next day, I got an email that I was outbid, so I went a little higher. When I got outbid again, I decided it just wasn't meant to be. Then I told my husband about it, and he said to bid higher. (SO WEIRD. Even though he never complains about the amount of clothes I buy for her, he's pretty much of the notion that she needs a shirt, a pair of pants, and two changes of underclothes and that's it. Maybe a second set for when the first one is being washed.) So when my sister texted asking if I won the bid, I told her no, I was outbid, but Dan was urging me to go higher. She also told me to go a little higher. So I decided I would, but with only an hour left to go, I planned to wait until the last minute.

I had downloaded the ebay app for my phone, and bascially the thing didn't leave my hand for the next hour. I brought it into the bathroom while I took my shower, and let me tell you, that was the quickest shower in history! I was so afraid of being outbid. My sister texted me to say that she was at my mom's house, and the whole family was sitting around the computer, refreshing the page, to see if I won. (My family is awesome.) About 5 minutes before bid time ended, a last minute bidder popped up, but I still planned to go higher. At 1 minute to go, I placed my bid. It kept telling me to bid higher, so I went up and up...and finally decided it was too high. And then...I realized I won! For the lower bid I put in! It was only telling me to bid higher to ensure my win. I was ecstatic. Wow. What an adrenaline rush. (And yes I realize how silly that makes me sound.) But I won the sweater! For a very reasonable price. I am so excited, and it makes me ready for winter so I can dress her in it over and over. Because after all, who knows how many more winters I have to dress her in my favorite clothes without hearing her whine and complain about how she doesn't like it and doesn't want to wear it. And also, i'm sort of glad that something as simple as winning a bid on ebay can make me happy. It's the small things in life. :)

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