Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sibling Love

Last Friday was a long day alone with the kids. After dinner, I put Joseph under his play-gym, let Stephanie sit on the couch to watch a Baby Einstein video, and curled up in our plush blue armchair with my book. (I like to try and read in front of my kids a little bit each day so that they see how much I love it, and will grow up with an appreciation of books. With all the interruptions, I tend to re-read the same paragraph over and over without really comprehending it, but at least i'm putting on a good front.)

As I sat there not really reading, I watched Stephanie slowly slide off the couch. She sat on the floor for a moment, and then crawled over to baby Joseph. She got up on her knees and watched him quietly. Then she ever so gently laid down next to him under the gym. After a minute or two she reached over and rubbed his belly, gave him a little kiss, then got up and crawled back to the couch.

This entire scenario only lasted a few minutes, but it was the highlight of my week. It perfectly captured the love that exists between brother and sister. My hyper, energetic, and often un-social toddler showed me the peaceful, calm, and loving big sister that exists under the surface. I felt my eyes well up with tears, and my heart swell with pride.  The fact that she did this all on her own, with no prompting or prodding from me made it even more special. 

 All too often my first instinct is to interfere. To say "Be gentle! Be careful!" "Watch his head!"

Or I will try to force their interactions. "Give Joseph a kiss." "Look, Joseph is smiling at you!" These prompts are often met with a resounding "No!" But when she thought my attention was elsewhere, she every so carefully spent a precious moment interacting with her little brother. What a great lesson for me to step back and observe, and let the two of them have their time together without mommy always being in the way. 

I know that there will come a time when the two of them don't always get along. They will fight, as all siblings do. But I hope that there are always these moments of calm between them. The love and support of a sibling is an amazing thing to grow up with, and I am so happy that my children will have each other to lean on through the years.


  1. so sweet! and proof that you're a good mommy who has instilled this into your daughter. All too often as parents we intercede but sometimes we are greatly rewarded when we just sit back and observe.

  2. Aww. Adorable. Those are the moments of which life is made.....

  3. How sweet! My daughter does the same thing with her baby bro, just like yours when I'm not paying attention! I too love it, it melts my heart!! Enjoy those moments!!


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