Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Random Post About Nothing

I feel like I've been neglecting my blog lately. It's been awhile since I've had that "I MUST write about this today!" flash. I haven't gotten that flash today, but figured I'd write anyway. Here are some of the things that have been going on lately.

-Dan has been working until 11pm every night for the past week and a half. The first few days I felt like I was going to pull my hair out. Dinner, bath & bedtime is the most challenging part of our day and I felt overwhelmed doing it all by myself. But after a few days, we all got used to it, and it's been going really smoothly. My kids are awesome and (for the most part) have taken pity on me and behaved well.

-Joseph started using his exersaucer. He wasn't thrilled with it at first, but now he loves it. It's position next to the TV helps too. This boy loves him some Baby Einstein.

-I bought Stephanie new sippy cups. I'm sure this seems like a weird and boring tidbit of news, but it's big in our house. We'd been using the Playtex sippys that require those little flexible plastic valves to be spill-proof. After using them for a year, most of those pieces got moldy and were thrown away. I can't seem to find replacements, and we were down to two of them. Which meant I was constantly washing the same two cups over and over throughout the day. Finally I said "enough!" and bought different cups. It's very freeing to know that I can just grab another sippy from the cupboard when she decides she wants milk instead of the juice and water that she already has.

-I took the kids out on a major shopping excursion all by myself yesterday. First we took a trip to Babies R' Us. I had some returns, and Joseph needed food. Then we met my sister and niece at a local toy store for a Dr. Seuss story-time. The woman who was supposed to read never showed up, but the girls had fun making crafts and running around the store. Then we all went to lunch at Panera. Afterwards my sister went home and I took my two little ones to Trader Joes, Children's Place, and Carters. They were both on their best behavior, and it felt nice to be out of our apartment for the day.

-I finally read Two Kisses for Maddy by Matt Logelin. I don't read his blog often, but I knew his story, and had been wanting to read the book for quite awhile now. His touching memoir on losing his beloved wife and having to raise their newborn daughter alone brought me to tears. I highly recommend it!

-Joseph still doesn't sleep at night, but he's been giving us 2 and 3 and sometimes even 4 hour stretches at a time, and it is so refreshing. I know it's pathetic that I feel so refreshed after such a small amount of sleep, but after a month and a half of waking every hour on the hour, any longer stretch feels like a full night's sleep.

-I'm slowing getting back on track with my weight loss. I've slowed down the snacking, upped the water intake, and do some ab work every day. Once Dan's work load slows down and he's home at night, I can start doing cardio again.

Ok, are you bored yet? If you've kept reading in the hopes that there would be something more interesting at the end of this post, i'm sorry to say, there is not. However, I will work on trying to find some inspiration!

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