Sunday, April 1, 2012

Saturday's Top 5 Laughs

This week's Top 5 Laughs is a little late, but I finally got it written! Here are 5 things that made me smile this week.

1. Stephanie has become a little negotiator. She has started asking for "Just oneeeee more book" (drawing the syllable out like that) before bedtime. Of course, she asks for just one more after every book we read. She also waves her hand in front of me emphatically and says "Just 5 more minutes!" when she doesn't want to leave somewhere. It cracks me up, because if she's already asking for all of this and she's just two, I can only imagine the things she will try to negotiate for as she gets older!

2. I took a video this week of Joseph giggling while I tickle him, and Stephanie loves it. She asks to see "the JoJo laughing video" on my phone, and it kept her entertained and amused while I made dinner for her and I on Thursday. Every time she watched it she shrieked in delight, like she'd never seen it before. And every time she re-started it, she would run in to me and say "Look Mommy, Baby Jo-Jo ticklish!"

3. Yesterday we decided that since we were home all day with no plans, we would start the potty training process with Stephanie. Every time she had a successful trip to the potty she would run out of the bathroom to tell Joseph the she did pee-pee. It was so adorable that he was the first person she wanted to tell her exciting news to.

4. We went on a lunch and shopping trip with one of my friends and her 6 month old daughter on Friday. When it was time to feed Joseph, we sat on a bench in the mall facing the Easter Bunny. (Who Stephanie went to see last weekend, and refused to smile at or talk to.) The entire time I was feeding the baby, she was yelling "Hi Easter Bunny, Hi Easter Bunny!" at the top of lungs, and waving at him. It was a slow day for him, so he waved back to her and even played peek-a-boo a few times. I was slightly embarressed about the fact that my daughter was screaming hello as loud as she could in the middle of the mall, but it was also really funny. We got a lot of looks and smiles from people walking by.

5. This morning, Dan gave Stephanie a high five for going on the potty. She decided Joseph needed a high five too, so she spent about 10 minutes giving him high fives and giggling because he kept his fingers closed in a fist. Then she switched to fist bumps, and then gave him lots of hugs and kisses. All four of us were laughing at this spontaneous show of sibling love.

*I'm linking up with The MommyHood Chronicles for the Saturday Top 5 Laughs Blog Hop again this week :)


  1. thanks for sharing Megan! I love how important those milestones are for them when they're so little. Hope the potty training continues to be easy and successful! ~Sarah

    1. Hello! Sorry to respond so late to your comment. Thanks for reading, I appreciate it. I'm happy to say potty training is going great! xoxo

  2. Haha too funny with just one more book- this is only the beginning, I am afraid:) Haha- with the tickles- so cute! you should get video of this! I love the sibling love- how cute are they! I love that she was screaming Hi Easter Bunny- she was excited! Too cute:) I love your laughs!

    1. Thanks Melissa, I love this blog hop! All week I mentally keep track of the funny/sweet things so that I can link up with you. :)


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