Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Crafts

After I wrote this piece about my lack of St. Patrick's Day holiday spirit, I vowed to do better when it came to Easter. Yesterday morning, we had no plans (very rare for us these days) so I decided it was the perfect time to get started on an Easter craft.

I cut a yellow Easter egg out of Construction paper, gave her some Easter stamps, markers, a piece of blue construction paper, and a few sheets of Easter stickers. After an hour (yes, an hour) of quietly working, this is the result:

I was amazed at her level of concentration, and the fact that she never got bored. In fact, she wanted to make more, but it was time for lunch.

Simple supplies, no instructions from me, and she had a blast. I call this a holiday craft success.


  1. An hour of quiet? That's awesome! And her egg came out so cute!

    1. It was amazing! I couldn't believe how long it held her attention :)


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