Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy 6 Months Baby Joseph!

Dear Joseph,

Happy 6 Month Birthday! You are officially half a year old. Wow.

Your first Easter Egg Hunt
You continue to be the sweetest, happiest, cuddliest baby I've ever met. However, as you've grown your personality has grown as well. You adore attention, and have gotten pretty demanding about receiving it. If nobody is talking to you, you'll fuss and whine until we turn our undivided attention your way. Then you're all smiles and giggles.

That smile just makes my heart melt!

You roll both ways quite expertly and try your hardest to crawl. You can almost sit up by yourself, although if we let go for too long you tumble sideways. You love taking baths, but are getting too big for your infant tub. Your favorite toys are chilled teethers, teething beads, Mortimer the Moose, Sophie the Giraffe, and the spinning wheel that sticks to your highchair tray.

I wanted so badly for you to attach to the taggie I bought you before you were born but every time I hand it to you, you throw it to the floor with disdain. But, when I give you the little teddy blanket that your Auntie D gave you, your eyes light up, you squeal with delight and hug it close to you. Clearly you already have strong opinions on what you love and don't love. Ok little boy, you can choose your own security item.

Food is also pretty important to you. You devour baby purees of all kinds but show a definite preference for fruits over vegetables. You also still love oatmeal more than anything else. We've recently introduced you to a sippy cup with water in it and you make the funniest face when you realize that what you're drinking has no flavor. We tried putting prune juice in it as well, but that wasn't much better. So far your favorite part of the whole sippy cup experience seems to be chewing on the spout.

We took you to the Dr on Monday for your 6 month checkup. You weighed 17.5 lbs, which is 50th percentile. Your height was 27", which is 75th percentile. You're a long skinny baby just like your sister was.

Your first time on a swing

You continue to delight us every day with your charming smile, your habit of chewing your feet, and your bids for attention. You give the best hugs, and delight in pulling my hair whenever I don't wear it in a ponytail. Everyone you meet comments on how happy you are, which makes the whole "I will never ever ever sleep through the night" thing you have going on a little more bearable. Thank you for being such a sweet and loving baby. My heart just overflows with love for you every day. I love you a million billion little boy!



  1. He is so adorable! Happy half year little guy!

  2. I love the baby book type updates. I do them for my kids and it is so fun to go back and read them. :)

  3. What a little sweetie! Happy Birthday Joseph!


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