Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Re-Cap: Photo Edition

Happy Easter to those who celebrate! I hope you all had a happy, safe, and delicious holiday. Ours was full of family, fun, laughter, food, loads of chocolate, and plenty of toddler temper tantrums. 

On Saturday we went to an egg hunt at our church. Not only is my kid a master egg finder, but she also won a bag of candy-filled eggs. Can you say chocolate overload?

That night, we wrote a letter for the Easter Bunny, and put it out along with a carrot.

Joseph was so excited for the Easter Bunny to come that he was up for almost the entire night. Stephanie woke at 5 on Easter morning to use the potty, but I was able to convince her to go back to sleep until 8. When she came out to the living room, she was thrilled to search for eggs, and discover these overflowing baskets that the bunny left. 

She was amazed to discover that the EB had indeed eaten the carrot, and talked about it all morning.

When Joseph dug through his basket, he discovered that the bunny brought him some sunglasses, and thought they were pretty awesome.

We topped the morning off with a breakfast from Dunkin Donuts. My fast from DD coffee is over! I savored every last bit of that hazelnut deliciousness.

Easter dinner was at my sister's house, and of course we were an hour late. When we arrived, Stephanie (napless) cried and demanded I hold her for the first 45 minutes. She perked up for the egg hunt.

Then it was back inside. Stephanie loved digging into this basket from my parents.

We decided it was time to go home when Stephanie threw her biggest temper tantrum to date. We loaded everyone back into the car, and headed home for a quick supper, pjs, books, and bed.

Once both kids were in bed, Dan and I decided that, although holidays are 100% more tiring now that we have children, they are also 100% more magical and meaningful. Also, we will be consuming Easter treats from now until Halloween...

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  1. Holidays totally take on a new meaning once you have kids. Seeing their excitement is contagious! Tantrums are a daily thing around here too, so I know how you feel! Hopefully this is a stage that ends very quickly!

    Great pictures and Happy Easter!


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