Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We Stayed Home

*Before writing this post I want to send out a big congratulations to my best friend, who welcomed her second baby boy to the world on Sunday morning. I got to meet the adorable little munchkin yesterday, and it was so magical to witness the pride and joy in my friend's face.

Ok, back to the post.

I knew I was going to the hospital to visit with the new baby and his Mommy yesterday afternoon, so I made no morning plans. It was also raining outside, so I decided we would just spend time around the house. It was the first time in a long time that the kids and I didn't have any where to hurry off to, and that made our morning run much smoother than normal.

Instead of rushing through my coffee, I drank it leisurely while the kids played. Instead of inhaling my breakfast and gently coaxing  nagging Stephanie to finish, we spent extra time enjoying our first meal of the day. Joseph got to take his morning nap in his crib instead of his car-seat. I folded and put away the loads of laundry that we washed over the weekend.

As the morning drew to a close, I took a minute to pause and think about how happy and content we all were. It was nice to just...stay home.

I also realized that I wouldn't want to do this every day. I enjoy our play-dates, trips to the park, story-time, errand running and appointments. It keeps us busy, provides socialization and new experiences for the children, prevents me from feeling like i'm going to climb the walls, and helps me implement structure and routine in our lives.

It also makes these slow times more special. I enjoy them and relish them instead of taking them for granted. They make me realize that it isn't good for any of us to rush around all the time. We need a break every now and then, and a morning like yesterday gives all of us the time and space we need to relax and re-charge our batteries. It also means my house is cleaner and more organized than it's been in weeks! 

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