Monday, October 22, 2012

Random Photo Challenge!

Happy Sunday everyone! (Ok, so it's Monday. I started this post yesterday, and forgot to publish it until today. I caught the "Happy Sunday" just as I was about to hit that publish button. It made me laugh at myself.)

My friend Liz over at Learning to Juggle has started a photo challenge. Each week she posts a challenge and participating bloggers post a picture (or pictures) that correspond to that challenge.

This week's challenge was find the oldest picture you digitally have access to. I decided to go through my phone and find the oldest picture there. Since I'm a phone-photo hoarder, the oldest picture on there is the very first one I took when I got my android phone back in January 2011. (We recently upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy 3, but my pictures all transferred over thank goodness!) 

Isn't she adorable? I can't believe how little she was, and this was less than 2 years ago. I also think her brother looks a lot like her! 

I hope you all have a great week! xoxo


  1. Wow! It's amazing how much they change in so short a time.

  2. Ahh! So cute! She is adorable. Makes me miss my little ones in those snuggly outfits.

  3. She is TOO cute. I love those fleece jammies, too. They are so snuggable in them! It flies by, doesn't it?

  4. Look at how cute and little she is!! LOVE this picture - thanks for playing a long - next week I'll have my act together and actually put up the linky!!

  5. She is so wicked cute! Look how small she is!! xox


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