Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Week In My Life: Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! It's day 3 of "Week in My Life" and I was starting to feel like ours days are rather repetitive. I'm also really exhausted today, so I've decided to turn the blog over to a guest poster. And who better to document our day then the person responsible for my lack of sleep? 

Please welcome your Wednesday "Week in My Life" guest blogger...Joseph!

Hi everybody! My mommy asked me to write her blog for her today because she's tired. Why is she tired?? I have boundless energy and I think she should too!

Ok, lets get started. My day began at 2:45am. I woke up, but Mommy rushed right in to turn my sleep sheep back on and give me my pacifier. I woke her up several times after that too. (She wants to know it teeth? Is it my cold? But I'll never tell...a boy has to have his secrets you know!)

Finally at 5:15 I refused to go back to sleep. Mommy begged Daddy to take me into the living room so she could get an hour of sleep. I'm not sure why mommy didn't want to snuggle with me herself. What's so exciting about sleep? But Daddy did a pretty good job.

At 7 Mommy came out and took over. Stephanie got up then too. Yay, I love playing with my big sister!

Stephanie took my teddy, and I wanted it back. When I cried, Mommy came to my rescue. I love my Mommy/
After we had some milk, we went into our room to play.

Stephanie is way up high on her bed. Sometimes I can manage to crawl up there too. Mommy says that makes her nervous. I don't know why.
Yay, I have my teddy back.

I love my Teddy and Blankie.
A few minutes later I realize Mommy is trying to get dressed and put on something called makeup in the bathroom. I rush right in to help.

When she kicks me out of the bathroom I run to wake up Daddy and Mommy has him get me dressed.

Then Daddy read me a book! I love Daddy.

 After the book, I realize Mommy is making breakfast. She is NOT fast enough for me.


Finally we eat. Goodness it takes Mommy a long time to get everything ready.

While Mommy cleans up and gets stuff ready to leave the house, I learn a new trick. Aren't I so cool?

When Mommy is finally ready we head out the door to go to one of my absolute favorite places...Nana's house!

Nana's house is so much fun!

A little while later we go to the library for Stephanie's story time. I have just as much (if not more) fun then she does! I love dancing to the songs and listening to the stories.

After story time we go to the restaurant where my Nana works. My cool Aunties and cousin are there too. I love going to the restaurant because eating is my favorite thing to do.

After lunch it's back to Nana's house for a while longer. It's so much fun to cause trouble play with my sister and cousin! After Nana's house we head home. I fall asleep in the car, and when we get home Mommy tells me that that little snooze better not interrupt my nap!

I do look pretty tired don't I?
Mommy soon learns that I have no intention of napping. I'm supposed to be her guest blogger, how can I keep track of our day if I nap?? PLUS Mommy might get lonely. So I let her know how unhappy I am about being trapped in my crib. Loudly. For over an hour. She keeps coming in to soothe me and I love her company! We cuddle up and it's so cozy. But then she rudely puts me back in my crib. What the heck mom?  Finally I doze for 45 minutes.

When I wake up, Mommy gives me a world record bath. Right as we finish, Daddy comes home! YAY Daddy. I help him set the table and put out the dinner that Mommy made earlier while she gives Stephanie her bath. I'm a big helper. I get right under Daddy's legs so he doesn't forget i'm there.

After a super fast dinner we get in the car again. Where are we going??

After a long, long, long, long trip we pull up to the zoo! (*Editor's note: it was a 40 minute drive. Joseph exaggerates.) It turns out there are PUMPKINS at the zoo! All lit up! I love the lights and keep pointing to them and asking what they are. Sometimes mommy or daddy answer. Most of the time they are busy talking to Stephanie or oohing and ahhing at the pumpkins. I find that very rude. Sigh. I am the center of the universe, they should only be paying attention to me!

Heading into the zoo. I look a little tired. I wonder why??
Mommy liked the Titanic carving. I asked what the Titanic was, but nobody answered me. Sigh. It's not easy being 1...

After we walked through the trail we stopped for some fried dough. (Mommy says we call them dough boys in our house.) I only got a few bites...I wanted more then that. Not fair.

When we finished eating, we headed home. I fell asleep in the car, and Daddy carried me in. Mommy gave me big cuddles before putting me in my crib. Those are the best. She also asked me to please sleep all night. I haven't decided whether or not i'm going to oblige her...


  1. so stinkin' cute, LOVE it!!!!!!!! Great idea!!

    1. Thanks! I think he's a pretty good blogger... ;)

  2. Love your guest poster! He has a future in blogging :)

  3. I love the guest poster, great idea. He has a lot to say.

  4. Hehe that was adorable! Hope he let you sleep last night.

    1. Thanks! He did much better the past two nights, thank goodness!

  5. Oh I LOVE that you had a guest poster! And what a cute little one he is!

  6. Great post Joseph!! Please let mommy get some sleep one of these days ;-)

    Will we hear from Stephanie tomorrow?

    1. He says thank you, and he did much better sleeping Weds & Thurs night! Took pity on his mommy :)

  7. So cute! I absolutely love it! Love your day! They are too cute going to the zoo!

  8. This is priceless. I love it! And boy does this bring back memories! Sending you lots of mom-to-mom support and positive vibes for naps.

    1. Aww, thank you so much, I really appreciate it!

  9. Joseph, you're a great blogger, very well written little man!! I hope you decide to let your mommy get some sleep tonight - I promise as fun as we mommies are we are even more fun when we are fully rested!!

    1. I think he has a future in blogging...and I will definitely pass your message along to him!!!! Lol :)


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