Saturday, October 27, 2012

Week in My Life: Friday

Happy Saturday everyone! I'm posting yesterday's Week in My Life post late because yesterday was, well, kind of a fail. I apologize for the lack of pictures!

I didn't feel good, and so my wonderful husband got up with Joseph in the morning. I was able to sleep until 7, which felt amazing...for the first time in who knows how long I actually slept for 6.5 hours straight. I felt better once I had been up for a while and had my second (of 3!) cups of coffee.

Joseph sat down to look at a catalog while Mommy cleaned up from breakfast
Dan went to work at 9 and I put Joseph in for a morning nap. Instead of cleaning, organzing, etc (which is what I usually do when he sleeps in the morning) I sat on the computer and caught up on a ton of stuff that I was behind on. It felt good to finally do that!

When Joseph woke at 11, we headed to Stop and Shop to stock up on some hurricane essentials like bread and water. (We actually needed both of those things. We stopped off at CVS for batteries too, just in case.)

Then it was home for lunch and naps. Stephanie spent the day obsessively playing with her Valentine baby, who needed her own cup to drink from at lunch.

After lunch Stephanie asked to have one of the lollipops that she had gotten from my Aunt during our Thursday Halloween party. She had never had one before, so I made sure to document the occasion.

While the kids napped I worked on my November meal plan shopping list and read a little of my book. They woke up at 3:30 and we went to the park with Stephanie's best friend and her Mommy. While we were getting in the car, Stephanie was so excited to find a wish flower.

Saying goodbye after a fun park trip
The kids had a great time, and as we left I looked at the setting sun and thought about how much I love this time of year. It's cool and crisp, the trees are alight in gorgeous color, and the holiday season will be here soon. I love it all!

When we got home at 5, we went to Dan's office to pick him up. (Stephanie loves to do this, and begs to pick him up all day long. Even 10 minutes after he's left the house.) Then it was home for a "gourmet" dinner...progresso soup and pillsbury cresecent rolls.

Then Dan gave the kids baths (seriously...he's awesome. We take turns giving baths and he never complains about it) while I cleaned up the kitchen and dining room.

Then it was teeth, books and bed for the little ones. I decided to take the night blogging, no FB, no online shopping or research for the holidays. I curled up on the couch with a glass of wine and my book and just relaxed. It was so nice, and I feel much better today, which I attribute to taking the time to relax. Now if only my kids could get rid of these awful colds that have them up all night long...

*As always, a big thanks to Melissa from Adventuroo for putting this project together! If you want to check out my Week in My Life posts from earlier in the week you can do that here: Monday Week in My Life, Tuesday Week in My Life, Wednesday Week in My Life, Thursday Week in My Life


  1. I'm all for a day off. It's great when you have a husband that helps.

  2. The big hug at the end of the play date is so adorable! And woohoo for getting 6.5 hours straight! I'm off to plan out some meals myself!

  3. What a fun day! The kids are so cute with their hugs. I can't wait till we get together:)

  4. Love Valentine baby and her cup ;-)

  5. That little Joseph is such a doll face! Also, I'm totally jealous of your sleep. Sidney has been waking up every 2-3 hours :(


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