Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bad Mommy...

As I've written before, I've spent much of this pregnancy with a "been there, done that" kind of attitude. I've found myself forgetting for a moment that i'm pregnant, and i'm often so busy chasing after my busy toddler that I ignore my body's signals to slow down. I feel like all of that is just par for the course when you're on pregnancy number two, and I havn't really felt much guilt about it. But then last night I woke up at 3:30am, and was hit with my biggest wave of pregnancy guilt yet: I forgot to go for my glucose screening.

Oops. Big oops actually. Especially because this is apparently the second time i've forgotten. When I went for my well baby checkup last week, the nurse asked if i'd had my sugar test yet. I hadn't, and in fact didn't even know I was supposed to have done it yet. She said that my chart indicated the Dr called it in after my last appointment. A month ago. Ok, that one i'll let slide, could happen to anyone. No big deal. The Dr came in, and she also brought it up, mentioning that I could go right to the lab when I left if I had an hour. I certainly did have an hour, my mom was staying with Stephanie and i'm sure she would have had no problem staying longer. But...I knew Stephanie was in for a nap, and I was eager to get home and spend that precious hour in my apartment relaxing. I hate even writing that, because as anyone who has done the glucose test knows, you get to sit for an hour and...relax. There's a TV in the lab waiting room, and lots of magazines for me to read and catch up on all the celeb gossip i've missed out on over the past 17 months. Yet, I didn't go. I went home, because I just didn't feel like doing it then. Such a bad mommy. But I swore to myself i'd go the next day. I then proceeded to completely forget about the entire thing until last night.

I just lay there thinking, oh my gosh, I am the worst mommy to this poor little unborn baby. When I was pregnant with his sister I never once missed out on any blood work, procedure, or ultrasound. Since both the lab and the ultrasound office are attached to my Dr's office, I would head straight there after any appointment that mentioned I needed something done. I was on top of it all. Not this time. (It really pains me to say this, but this actually isn't the first time i've put off bloodwork this pregnancy. I was chastised at the beginning for failing to get the comprehensive blood draw that you need. But that time, once they reminded me I hadn't done it yet, I went right there. And proceeded to pass out, because I hadn't been prepared for blood work, had a raging head cold, and had eaten a microscopic breakfast. But that's another story.)

Of course, i'd love to tell you all that I resolved the problem today, and went right in for the glucose thing this morning. But I didn't. I resumed my nannying job yesterday, and needed to be there at 8:30 this morning. Tomorrow we have a scheduled playdate, and I have no child care option for Stephanie, so that's out too. Thursday is going to be the day, for real! It's on my calendar, and as soon as I finish writing this it's going in my phone, with a reminder set up. I will get this glucose test done, and i'm resolving to do a better job keeping up with things for this baby. Speaking of which, I was supposed to make an appointment for a 3D ultrasound yesterday. Oops again. Adding that into my phone too.

I really hope that my punishment for all these transgressions does not involve failing this glucose test and finding out I have gestational diabetes...


  1. Sending good thoughts your way! Isn't it funny how for the first one we write everything down, remember every appt. and are tuned in to every little detail? Once the others come along, we are too busy to even think about it! LOL

  2. Thanks Allison! I had a nice pregnancy journal for my first pregnancy too. I keep saying I'm getting one for this one, but...i'm 27.5 weeks at this point, so I think its not going to happen.


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