Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Coffee Please

My daughter recognizes the Dunkin Donuts sign. I find this highly amusing. (My husband, the non-coffee drinker, not so much.) Every time she sees a DD cup, or sign, or store, she yells out HOT! Because she knows it's where mommy gets her coffee, and she knows that coffee is hot.

Of course, since it's summer i've been getting iced coffee. When we pull away from the drive-through, she says "hot, hot, hot." I correct her by attempting to explain that while yes, it is coffee, it's iced coffee which means it's cold. She then says "cooooooooohd." This is a conversation we've had every single time we've been to DD this summer. I find the monotony of it comforting.

Often if we go into the store to get my coffee, i'll let her get a munchkin. (Or two. I'm not against junk food once in a while. It makes it a special treat.) Luckily we havn't yet reached the stage where she asks (demands) for one every time we go. I know those days are around the corner though.

I think the point of this blog entry was to muse about the fact that children are so young when they start to associate the things they see with words and phrases. She has made the connection in her mind that the DD sign means coffee. She also knows that most of the time coffee is hot. A fact that she learned because of me obsessively shouting "hot!" if she got within ten feet of my coffee mug at home.

I find all of these connections so amazing, and it makes me stop and think "Wow. She is a little person, with a real live working brain." Obviously i've always known this, but I still marvel over it. And hey, if she has to recognize a brand, i'm much happier that she knows what Dunkin Donuts is as oppsed to say McDonalds or Burger King. Both of which are places we never ever go. It's not that i'm necessarily opposed to fast food, it's just that i'd rather choose a healthier option for myself and my family. And if i'm not in the mood to cook, i'm going for pizza over fast food burgers anyday.

Anyway, as I end this post, I find myself realllllly wanting a coffee. And in case anyone is dying to know my go-to coffee order, it's a medium decaf caramel swirl iced, skim milk only.(Medium hot hazelnut, skim only, if it's fall or winter.)

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