Sunday, July 31, 2011

Technology Accomplishment!

This morning I decided that I needed to change the primary email address on this blog. The one I had been using was an old email, that I had used before I got married. I never use it for email, so I figured it was time to get rid of it.

I asked my husband how to do it, since this is a google blog, and he's a self-proclaimed google expert. Of course, he doesn't use blogger, so couldn't help me. He first told me to switch over other things (calendar, transfer emails, etc.) but I kept getting frustrated because I wanted to work on the blog! After quite a lot of (friendly? tense? annoyed?) back and forth conversation, I just told him i'd do it myself. I was bit huffy. But hey. I'm pregnant. (Seriously...there are only 10 weeks left to use that excuse. I'm milking it for all it's worth!)

I kept clicking and reading different how-tos on google, and finally stumbled across how to do it. After about 15 minutes (because I have no sense of how to use technology, and stumble through anything related to computers), I finally figured it out! I was so proud of myself that I had to share this accomplishment with all of you :)

Of course, what I really had to do was change the primary owner over to my new email address, and then delete the old one. In the process, my picture, profile, and "about me" disappeared. I did my best to get it all back up and running, but if you happen to notice any differences you'll know why.

I wonder if it's normal to feel such a sense of pride over such a small thing? Oh well, I don't care, i'm still happy that I did it all by myself :)

In other news, we're going camping this afternoon. (Well, fake camping. My parents have a campsite about half an hour from us. We're going to spend this afternoon up there, but come home to sleep. For the next week we'll go up every morning at 8, and stay untill bedtime. I need to sleep in my own bed.) I'm excited to see how much my outdoors loving toddler enjoys the camping experience, and i'll definitely be blogging about it!

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