Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sickish toddler, but with a silver lining

Yesterday my little one woke up from her nap burning up. She was cranky, clingy, and whiny. She gobbled up a snack, did some coloring, but refused to play on her own or have anything to drink. I took her temp, and sure enough, it was 100.4. Not terribly high, so I held off on the tylenol, but still high enough to make her pretty miserable.

There really is nothing more sad/pathetic than a sick little kid. They have no idea why they feel so icky, they can't completely communicate how they feel, and they just have no idea what to do with themselves. Luckily, we had just gotten a new Baby Einstein DVD from the library, so she sat on my lap for the entire 30 minute show, cuddling and rocking in the glider. This is the silver lining, people. My active toddler never sits still, never wants to cuddle, and is always on the go. Obviously I hated that she didn't feel good, but I relished all of that rare cuddle time. Then, when her Daddy came home from work (he returned from Ohio Monday night, so we hadn't really seen too much of him yet) she just wanted Mommy. I have to say, that also felt nice. To know that she needs my comfort when she doesn't feel well is such a great feeling. Makes me feel like i'm doing something right.

Dan was awesome and cooked dinner for us (it only require boiling some whole grain pasta and heating up pre-made sauce, but still), and she actually ate more than I expected. I was still having trouble getting liquids in her, which alwyas makes me nervou. She even refused her milk, and as soon as she finished eating she begged to go to bed. I put her in her jammies, finally gave her some tylenol, and let her go to sleep. I checked on her an hour or so later, and the fever had broken, thank goodness. Then at 3 in the morning she woke up calling for water, and proceeded to down an entire sippy cup of it. I gave her another dose of tylenol, since she was burning up again, and then we rocked for a little while. I just love those times, when it's quiet and peaceful, and she just melts into me, with her head on my shoulder. I wish she would do that when she was healhty!

Luckily she seems so much better today. I have no idea what this was, either a quick moving virus, or somehow related to this intense heat wave we've been having. Either way, i'm happy to report that she's definitely on the road to recovery.

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