Saturday, July 23, 2011

Family Time

We just ended a fun-filled weekend with family in town from New York. (Oh, and I do realize that it's still the weekend...but all the fun started on Thursday for us, and is pretty much over now. I'm considering tomorrow just a day to rest and catch up on my poor, neglected housework.) Dan's Mom and her husband arrived Thursday afternoon, and took us out to dinner. Stephanie was still under the weather, but she had a lot of fun with her Grandma and Grandpa. We went to a delicious restaurant down by the water, which happily brought the temperature down a little. (We've been in the middle of a horrendous heat-wave!)

Yesterday we took our little one to the Dr to check on her fever, which luckily is nothing more than a summer virus. Then, last night we went to a wedding for Dan's cousin, which was the reason all the relatives were in town. It was beautiful, but HOT! We were all dripping sweat, but still managed to have a fun time, and the bride and groom were dazzling and happy. Stephanie was dancing up a storm, and seemed to revel in the attention she was getting from everyone. They were all excited to see her, especially since it was a rare opportunity to spend time with Dan's family here in our neck of the woods. Typically if we see them at family occasions we are the ones who have to travel.

This morning we went out for a late breakfast with my MIL, and took a trip to Babies R Us so she could spoil our children. Then they came back to our apartment to spend some time before they headed home. I was happy that Stephanie was able to get some bonding time in with her Grandma, since they don't get to spend much time together. My parents see her at least once a week, and I know it's hard for Dan's mom to know that she doesn't have that opportunity. But, it just makes the time that they do get to spend together that much more special.

In baby Joseph news, I hit 29 weeks today. When I was 29 weeks along with Stephanie, I had my baby shower, and remember feeling that there was still so much time left before she would arrive. Right now all I can think of it "11 weeks? That's it??" There's still so much to do, but oddly enough i'm not stressing out about it. Which is VERY rare for me. However, somehow I seem to feel that it will all get done when it gets done, and I know things will be ready for him when he arrives. (As long as he doesn't show up too early!)

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