Friday, January 6, 2012

Big Girl Bed

We've reached a huge milestone in our house: the switch to a Big Girl Bed.

I'm not sure that any of us were truly ready for this change, but Baby Joseph is rapidly outgrowing his bassinet and will be needing the crib soon. He's also so close to sleeping through the night, which means the BIG MOVE into Stephanie's room. (A transition that i'm acutely dreading.)

So, in light of all the baby growth, we knew it was time to get the toddler out of her crib and into a bed. We decided to forgo the toddler bed, because it would mean buying another crib mattress, and then finding a place to store said mattress when she outgrew it in a year or two. We took Dan's old metal twin bed frame from his mom's house, and put it in the "nursery" over a month ago. We then procrastinated the purchase of a mattress until this week. Dan went and picked it up on Wednesday, and we chose an adorable bedding set to go with it.

Stephanie was so excited about her Big Girl bed. We washed up the bedding and made the bed, while all the while she was jumping up and down screaming "YAY! Big Girl Bed!!!!" We put two guardrails on the sides to prevent any rolling out, and lined the side with the insane amount of stuffed animals that have, up to now, resided in her crib.

After our regular bedtime routine (jammies, teeth, story, rocking, singing & prayers) we tucked our big girl into her new bed. She immediately burst into tears, pleading "Mommy room, Mommy room." (Meaning she wanted me to stay with her in her room.) We gave last kisses and reassurances, and backed out of her room. Her crying lasted all of two minutes, and we never heard another peep from her.

She looked so tiny lying there in such a big bed. But she was also adorably cozy, tucked in among all her special cuddly friends. As we walked into the living room, a wave of emotions washed over me. I haven't thought of her as baby in a long time. She's a walking, talking little girl. But every night I knew I could tuck her into her crib, and she'd be safe and sound, waiting for me to come and retrieve her in the morning. Now she's one step closer to independence, one step further away from the baby she once was. She now has the ability to get herself out of bed if she so chooses, meaning she needs me just that much less.

 I know this is the point of having children. We raise them the best we can, give them their wings, and send them out in the world. I want her to have her hopes and dreams, and fulfill as many of them as possible. But I also know that every time one of these changes comes about, I will feel nostalgic for the stage we left behind.

 This might seem like such a small little milestone to those who have sent their children on to college, and watched them get married and have children of their own. But right now, in our little world, this is a huge change. My baby is in a bed

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