Saturday, January 14, 2012

Joseph's 3 Month Letter

Dear Joseph,
Yesterday you turned 3 months old. We celebrated by taking you on your first trip to the Children's Museum. I wore you in the Ergo (which has been the best investment I've made since having you, and recommend to any and all new moms), and you spent the entire time staring at all the sights. Your little head just kept swiveling back and forth, watching the lights, the other children, and most importantly your big sister. Every time I tried to get you to lie on my chest and fall asleep, you fought me with determination. It was only when your eyes refused to stay open any longer that you let yourself take a small snooze. We then went out for lunch to Panera, where you slept the whole time. I think we wore you out.

Your day yesterday was an indication of how much you've grown and changed this past month. You are aware of everything around you, and you love to see the action. Your neck muscles are so strong, and you can hold your head up for long periods of time. We used the Bumbo chair for the first time this month, and you love it. We put toys in front of you, and if they light up, you are mesmerized. When we hold you in Daddy's blue chair you stare at Stephanie's Violet & Sid the Science Kid, and talk to them. You're starting to reach for toys that are in your line of vision, and if there are no toys, you just make a fist, hold your arm in front of you, and stare at it. (Apparently hands are quite fascinating.) Your baby babbles and coos are quite possibly the most adorable thing I have ever heard. You talk and talk, with huge smiles interspersed throughout the conversation. Sometimes I'll catch you staring at me or Daddy or Stephanie, with a big smile on your face. You don't care whether or not our full attention is on you, you just love seeing our familiar faces.

You officially outgrew your bassinet this month. Since you aren't totally sleeping through the night yet, you're still in mine and Daddy's room. We borrowed a pack-n-play from Nana, and you sleep in that. I think you love having extra space to fling out your arms and kick your legs. You're also almost too big for your 3-6 month clothes. I can't believe how fast you are growing! Too fast for my liking...sometimes I wish there was a pause button so I could take extra time to soak up all of your baby moments.

This month was full of family time. You took your first out of state trip in December, when we went to visit Auntie A. & Uncle H. to celebrate Christmas with them. You were so well behaved in the car, thank you for that! We celebrated your first Christmas a week later, which was full of presents (Stephanie helped you open yours), family, and food. We then took a trip to NY, where you spent your first night away from home since the hospital. You came down with your first cold while we were at Grandma's house, and it was heartbreaking to listen to your congestion and cough. You made it through though, and that trademark smile never left your face. You still have remnants of that cough, which is contributing to the non-sleeping all night thing you have going on. (You sometimes need to transfer to your swing half-way through the night, so you can sleep upright.) We've also been going on a lot of playdates, and you seem to just revel in any attention that is given to you. Someday you will be running around with all the other kids, laughing, playing, and interacting. I know that day is going to come too fast.

It's been a busy, full month, and one of my greatest joys has been to watch you grow. You're such a mellow baby, content to just sit and watch the rest of us orbit around you. I am so grateful for all the joy you bring to my life, and am so honored to be your Mommy. I hope you always know how very much you are loved. Happy 3 months baby boy, I love you a million billion!

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