Sunday, January 15, 2012

Project Happy Week 2

I did my best to focus on happy moments this past week. To really pause and reflect on the small things that brought joy to my life. There were definitely days that I got busy rushing here and there, or got stressed by small things that really didn't mean much. But at the end of the day, I made sure to think back and remember at least one moment that truly made me happy. 

There was the day I spent with my best friend and her son. This in and of itself was enough to make my whole day. (We don't get to spend much time together at all.) But there was one moment during our day, when my friend was holding Joseph, that I paused for a moment to watch them. He was focusing intently on her face, telling her a story in his baby babble, and she was smiling back at him. It filled me with happiness to see two such important people in my life bonding and having a special moment together. 

Joseph is still recovering from his cold, and after a particularly long night with him, I stumbled to the kitchen, desperate for a cup of coffee. My new coffee maker has a delay brew function, so I was able to get a hot cup instantly...even quicker than I used to with my Keurig. Pure happiness.

I've been doing really well keeping up with my workout routine, and I took a moment to really feel grateful for the fact that Dan has been around so much, and I've been able to devote time every day to making myself healthier.

We had an awful rain storm this past week, and it put me in a bad mood. But we had a playdate, and just getting out of the house, having a grown-up conversation, and giving the kids a change of scenery was enough to put me in a much happier mood. I got back in the car feeling like a much more energetic, cheerier version of myself.

Even though Dan hasn't been working these past few weeks, we haven't had much fun family time. So we took one day to go to our local Children's museum. Stephanie had a ball, running around, playing at each exhibit, and exploring everything she could find. She splashed in water, built with magna-tiles, and shrieked with happiness the whole time. (Joseph spent the day snuggled up to me in the Ergo.) We finished the day at Panera, where I ordered my favorite lunch ever, the Fugi Apple Chicken salad. It was a perfect day!

We spent the day after the museum at home, lounging around in sweats. (We were all exhausted from the day before, and as it turns out, Stephanie was coming down with a stomach bug.) Sometimes there's just nothing like a home day, cuddling, reading books, building puzzles, and just relaxing together as a family.

I hope you were all able to find moments of happiness in your week too. It can be hard to look past the stress of day-to-day living, but if you really look for them, those moments are there. Have a wonderful week everyone!

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