Thursday, January 19, 2012

Minor Illnesses

I don't think there's been a time since Joseph was born that all four of us have been 100% healthy. Stephanie came down with a cold when the little guy was just days old. We had to send her off with my parents to keep him healthy, and luckily it worked. We didn't think to send Dan away too, and so he came down with her cold/virus about a week later. He recovered quickly, but Stephanie's chose to linger. She seemed to cough all night long for two months, and her runny nose never left.

Right after Christmas, while we were in New York, both kids came down with colds. They were snuffling, sneezing, coughing messes. Stephanie's cleared up quickly, Joseph's cough is still hanging around. Luckily neither cold was terrible, and was nothing more than a minor nuisance. (The biggest complaint I had was that the cold threw a wrench in Joseph's attempts to sleep through the night. He still gets stuffed up, and then can't breathe, so he spits out his pacifier, which wakes him up. We go through this cycle every hour on the hour, from about 1am on.)

On Sunday, Stephanie woke up, I went to get her, and she promptly threw up all over the place. I stripped the bed, threw her in the tub, and put clean jammies on her. I went into the kitchen to get her some water, and she wandered in after me, and threw up again. Thus began an entire day of getting sick, cleaning it up, cuddling, and watching TV. She felt much better on Monday, but developed some kind of cough, and a slight fever. Then, last night I came down with the stomach bug too. Today i'm exhausted, and have body aches and chills. We seem to have caught some bizarre virus.

 I'm happy that it's nothing too major, and seems to leave quickly, and just irritates and annoys for the time it hangs around. That's how it's been all fall and winter so far, and I am truly thankful that none of us have gotten anything major. I'll take colds and viruses like we've had, if it means we can recover and get back to normal in a day or two. (My poor friend was in the hospital for three days with her baby girl...I felt so horrible for her.) In the meantime, until i'm healthy again, we're just taking things slow, and hanging around the house. Sometimes I think things like this happen to remind us that it's ok to have days where the dishes pile up, toys stay strewn on the floor, we wear sweats all day (or jammies, in Joseph's case) and take time to nurture ourselves back to health. Here's hoping that tomorrow we all wake up feeling like ourselves again!

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