Monday, January 30, 2012

A Pretty Typical Day

Here's a quick post regarding our night and morning. It went something like this:

11:30pm: Joseph wakes up

11:45: I get him back to sleep

2:45am: Joseph wakes again

3:00: Back to sleep

5:10: Awake again

6:00: Back to sleep

7:00: Awake for the day, he eats, burps, pukes all over both of us. I change our clothes, give him a bath, dress him...and he pukes. I clean him up again.

8:00: Stephanie wakes up. Find her, her bedding, and her stuffed frog covered in blood. She had a bloody nose in the night. Strip her bed, pre-treat the bedding, dress her, clean off her face, get her some breakfast.

9:30: My mom shows up to bring us to to Target, because I needed to fetch the wallet that I left at the register after paying yesterday. Which I hadn't realized I left until I got home at 9pm.

10:30: I spend more money at Target, even though I was just there last night.

11:30: We stop at Dunkin Donuts to feed the baby and get coffee (donut for Stephanie.)

12:30: Home again. Lunch, nap for Stephanie, a workout for mommy, and another feeding for Joseph.

3:00: Stephanie wakes up, has a snack, and we read books.

4:00: I decide I need to wash dishes and  put away the three loads of clean laundry that have been sitting in my living room.

Now: Joseph is in the middle of an epic nap (yay!), Stephanie is playing, and i'm taking 5 minutes to write this post.

Just another day in my life. Happy Monday everyone!

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