Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Out With the Girls?

I've been completely immersed in my mommy role lately, and i'm starting to get the itch to get out and have some girl time. I love being a mom, and I wouldn't trade staying home and raising my little ones for anything in the world. It's the choice I made, i'm beyond happy with it, it's a fulfillment of my dream. But it also means that 100% of my time is spent mothering, taking care of my home, or nurturing my relationship with Dan via date nights. I've only been out by myself once since Joseph was born, and that was on a shopping trip with my best friend. Even though I enjoyed that day, I feel like I didn't take full advantage of the girl time, because half of my mind was back home, wondering if Dan was doing ok with the two kids. But now I really want a night where I can go out, sit in a restaurant, drink a glass of wine, and have an adult conversation with one (or several!) of my girl friends. I want to chat about clothes, current events, celebrities, our husbands, and yes, even the kids. I want to hear about other women's hopes and dreams and lives. I want to laugh, commiserate, and bond.

The idea that I need to get out has been in the back of mind a lot, but I haven't really taken the time to actually set something up. I think this is because a part of me feels guilty about feeling the need to get out with my friends. I know how silly that is, but it's true. Mommy guilt is a constantly lingering beast. I feel like I need to devote myself to my family at all times, and if I want to go out on my own I feel like i'm letting them down. But the truth is, I know that's not true, and I also know that I am a better mom and wife when I get some "me" time. I don't need to do it a lot; one night every few months will suffice.  I know that I will come home feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and happy. There's just nothing like female's good for the soul, and the psyche.

My goal is to set up a girls night sometime in the next month. I will go out and have a fun time, and I will not feel guilty about it! I, and all of us mommies, deserve to let our hair down and relax with some good wine, good friends, and good conversation. I hope all of my dear readers will join me in making a pledge to get some girl time, because lets face it...we need it!


  1. I read an article (or blog post I can't remember which) the other day that said in order for Mommy to keep giving to her kids & husband she needs to fill up her "tank" every so often in whatever way she needs. And mommy shouldn't feel guilty about that!

    1. Thanks! I know I shouldn't feel guilty...i'm working on that :)


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